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Goodbye curls...

Deme Crinion1 Comment
...excuse me a moment while I wipe my tears.  *deep breath*  Ok.

I am in love with Sully's curls but with this dry Albuquerque air they always fall flat.  I would drench his hair with water every morning and use the curl enhancing products I use on my own hair to crunch up those adorable ringlets.  Those crazy curls just fit our sweet, mischievous boy perfectly. 

Two minutes later he would roll around on the couch or floor playing and the static would flatten those swirls just as quickly as they had curled up.  As his hair grew out it would look like this most of the time...

 So it was time for the scissors.  Well, the clippers actually.

He was a very squirmy subject but also very patient.  It ended up a pretty short but I like it.  

Don't mind the cow-lick...

Our little buddy initiated potty training on his own a couple of weeks ago, has been using his bink less and less....and now has the haircut to match all this big boy action :)