House For Six

Fun in the Winter Sun

Deme Crinion1 Comment
It was a beautiful sunny day and after weeks of being stuck inside because the weather was too cold for Jack, we were all thrilled to get outside to play!  It was even sunny enough to grab the sunglasses.

When I asked our diva for a pose, she gave me this..

She went right for her garden shovel and was very diligent about her work

Sully was full speed ahead as usual..

He took a quick rest and then it was back to it!

But he did stop for a little mama love..

Last but not least is Action Jackson, who was in rare form today.

Who me?!  Yes, you.

First a little hula hoop action..

Next, a little wagon time with my sis...

And then all I wanted to do was put the nut-looking things that had fallen from the tree into my mouth...and I was really upset when Mommy made me stop.

I mean really distraught...

What is a sweet mischievous boy to do?  Just move on (until mommy turns her head....)

And then, this one sat herself down because of a tummy ache..

But I think we'll be ok :)

It was a great afternoon and it's amazing how quickly a little fresh air can lift three little spirits :)