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Our Home Two Years Later

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If you're a chronic planner, a creative, or even just a day dreamer, then you're familiar with the constant stream of ideas flowing through your head at all times of the day.  When it comes to our home, I have a running list of ideas for each and every room.  I can't help it, my mind just automatically goes to paint colors and light fixtures.  

But as much as I love tweaking this house to make it a haven for our family, it's easy to become overwhelmed by all that's left undone or yet to-do.  This home definitely isn't the fixer of our last home, but it's enough of a blank slate that it's pretty noticeable which rooms we've touched and which spaces are still waiting for a little love.

When I was working on the new site I hit a road bump when I got to the "Home Tour" page.  This is one of my favorite spots to visit on other home/DIY blogs and I've always had one on mine.  So what to do when your house is very much not an "after" yet?  Celebrate progress, that's what!

As I pulled pics of the house when we first moved in I was shocked at how different some of the rooms are today.  Yes, there's still plenty to do, but we've come a long way in putting our own stamp on this place.  And it's got me excited to keep going!

Here's how things are looking compared to move-in day two years ago, and what we're eyeing for our project list this coming year...

This is our front door/entry.  And evidence of children.

As you come through the front door you walk right into our living room.  We loved the vaulted ceilings and all that glorious natural light.

We did not love the floors or the dated window coverings.  

A look to the right and you'll see our garage door.  This is how we enter the house 99% of the time. 

Our first item of business was to address the floors.  The previous owners had a large dog and while the upstairs carpet was fine, the light carpet on this main level was pretty gross.  We weren't loving those curved steps either.  So, before we started really unpacking we built out the steps and put down some durable new flooring.

The new floors made such a huge difference.  Those rooms instantly felt fresh and updated and the floors have been so much more practical for our young (read: prone to spills and tracked dirt) family. 

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do something with the area that juts out into the living space.  We went bold with a deep navy and I've never regretted it (color is Volcanic Ash by Valspar).  

With such a dark accent wall, we went pretty light on the remaining walls.  This room gets such fantastic natural light and it's my favorite spot to drink my morning coffee.  Well... sip, get interrupted, reheat, then sip again....repeat 5 times....

After years with empty walls and family pics in boxes (or digital files on my computer) we finally put together a family photo gallery with some floating shelves

This huge armoire was a Craigslist score and it's on my paint radar this year!  I'm sure I will be polling you all for color choices because my indecision is ridiculous. It houses some smaller musical instruments, music books, and photo albums.

We carried the navy wall color into the dining room, just off the living room.  

We sold our old dining set on craigslist and swapped it for a round one, added some open storage and removed the lamp shades from the chandelier - simple changes but ones that really gave this space a fresh feel.  And clearly I need some updated pics of this room #merrymerry. 

One of my favorite updates happened back by that garage door/entry.  We ripped the bar out of this closet, mounted a ton of hooks, and magically the coats stay off the floor.  Usually.

We took the new floors into the laundry room, but haven't really touched the space since.  I'm hoping to address some basic functional issues in here this year:  a shelf over the washer/dryer and wall storage for cleaning tools (vacuum, mop, etc).  We also need to paint and do something with those cabinets.

And then there's the very green great room.  Our main level is one big circle, so you can come into this space through the dining room or by the garage door.   It really had so much potential, but also some challenges for furniture placement (hello, giant counter cutting the room in half). 

And that range hood.  My 6'4" husband literally has to bend down to cook at the stove.  I don't think countertops or a backsplash are in the cards this year, but painting the cabinets and ripping out that hood are high on our list!

While we're at it, we'll probably ditch the track lighting.  We already swapped out the ceiling fan for a flush mount and it offers plenty of light.

I wasn't sure how to set up this space, but once we let go of this room as a homeschool space and finally embraced it as a family room, it really changed the way we used the house.  We spend almost all of our family time here, and it's been a great space to host friends. I was desperate to ditch the green (which read a whole lot more neon in person), and we finally got a less abrasive coat of blue on the walls.  

It was a good fix at the time but I never loved it.  The kids wanted color; I wanted neutral.  Even with that serene blue,  the room still felt really dark by the fireplace, but then...

...a blessing in disguise. a huge leak caused us to rip up all the floors.  It prompted us to jump on a few other projects (like white washing the fireplace) and now we've resumed the saga of which wall color will make everyone happy.  Currently, undecided.

Upstairs you'll find 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  

Originally we had the boys bunked up in one room, Mia in another, us in the master, and the extra room was my office craft space.  

We said goodbye to the yellow, beefed up the trim, and ditched the half shutters.

Then a little lady joined our family.  So we traded the desks for a crib and had fun transforming it into a girly nursery to welcome home our newest bambina.

The other princess in this family started with a very green room that's now a pale pink.  This  room has seen at least five different furniture arrangements, that never really worked until we eliminated a large piece of furniture and combined her bed and dresser into one. #IKEAtotherescue

My mini hoarder has worked so hard to pare down her things and we're almost done making this her own special space. 

Purple was not going to fly in our boys' shared bedroom.  So, we quickly got up a more masculine color.

These beds are from James' childhood but the movers lost the base/support pieces in our cross country move....older pieces not easily replaced.  Since the room is on the small side we decided to bunk them up.  We're working on making it a cool reading/sleeping spot for them and I obviously owe you some updated pics of this room!

Our master is a complete blank slate.  We slept on a mattress for the first few months here.  

We finally added a bed and moved in a smaller desk when my office morphed into a nursery. And then we neglected her. She became the stash-zone when company was coming and a lot of those piles never left.   At the end of last year I knew we had to reclaim this space.  We did a little furniture shuffling, a little purging, and paint is going up this weekend.  I've been collecting things for this room for awhile and had grown up talk with myself about finally doing something with them.  I'm so excited to give this space some long overdue attention!

Finally, the garage.  It has great storage, and for reasons I can not explain, all of our stuff is piled against the walls and nothing in the cupboards/shelves.  I don't even know.  As soon as it's warm enough, we're all over it.  We have a few lingering boxes to unpack and I really want to get this area purged and organized for summer. 

While I do have specific areas I want to work on this year, I think more than anything I want to stop avoiding the hard stuff.  When it comes to our home, it's easy for me to take on a skewed perspective.  Even though I love a project that addresses form and function, I can easily get caught up in all the pretty stuff when I need to be doing the dirty work of cleaning out a closet.  

For the coming year I thought about those areas that I've been avoiding.  The areas that drive the other members of my family bonkers (not necessarily me).  I tried to think about the best time to tackle them and avoid flashbacks to painting cabinets in the dead heat of summer.  So while I'm putting some of the house fluffing projects on hold for a bit, I'm getting excited about facing some of these giants.  Not necessarily because it's going to be loads of fun, but because I know how good it will feel to buckle down and do the work.  Nothing has given us more satisfaction in our home that clearing out the excess and paring down to the stuff we truly love, need, and use.  I hope that we can eventually get there with the entire house.  So...

Finish the unfinished.  Touch the untouched.  Use what we've gathered. 

That about sums it an extra long, billion picture format ;)  

*Does anyone else have house projects on the agenda this year?  How do you prioritize projects in your home?

Our Little Lady's Nursery

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It's official!  The newest member of our family is the first to have a completed room in this house.  We've only been in this home a year and a half, but this room has seen quite a bit of change.  On move-in day it was sporting a sweet shade of yellow paint with garden decals from it's previous 3 year old tenant.

I think the


thing that could make me give up my personal haven was a certain little lady that joined our family in January.  Now it's a sweet little space for the sweetest little babe.  And her mama kinda likes it too.

We decided to keep the white backdrop and create a room that was light and bright with happy pops of color.  The only new pieces in here are the crib, floral print, and the curtain panels.  Everything else was either found second hand or repurposed from another room in the house.  There are a lot of DIY's and budge friendly projects in the space that I'll share in the coming weeks.  For now...well come on in!

light and bright nursery with pops of color

I snagged this chair from an estate sale and

after a good cleaning

we lightened it up by painting the trim white.  Maybe one day I'll have it reupholstered, but it's certainly a comfy spot for us to snuggle up just as it is.

light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color

The floral print is actually a piece of

gift wrap by Rifle Paper Co

.  It had all the colors we wanted to use in the room, so I planned to line some drawers or cover some boxes with it.  But it was so beautiful and had a natural border so we popped it into an IKEA frame instead. Can't beat gorgeous cheap art!

light and bright nursery with pops of color

This rug is really the star of the show.  I purchased it from

Rugs USA

for our entry way, but it was so soft underfoot and ended up being the perfect punch of color for this nursery.

light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color

 I love this charming St Therese print from

this shop

and the "lovely" canvas was a DIY (post coming soon!).

light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color

 This sweet basket was a Home Goods find that I brought up from the family room to corral Livy's toys.

light and bright nursery with pops of color

We also brought in this mirror that used to hang above the piano.  I'm a sucker for gold and a little bling.

light and bright nursery with pops of color

The jury is still out on this mobile.  It was another DIY and I'll share it even though I'm not sure if it's staying.  I do have a crush on that little elephant, so right now the odds are in his favor.

light and bright nursery with pops of color

We've got a spitter-upper on our hands so we go through a lot of sheets.  Lots and lots of cute sheets.

light and bright nursery with pops of color

This changing table/dresser is one of my favorite projects in the room.  It was given to us for free by a neighbor and it got a major makeover. 

light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color

I know my daughter's name starts with an "O" but I saw this plaque with gold hook and they had limited letters available.  We call Olivia by her nickname all the time so the "L" works until I can replace it with an "O".

light and bright nursery with pops of color

This room is pretty small at 10ftx10ft.  We stuck with just a few key pieces of furniture, but I had so much fun playing in the girly details....

light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color
white nursery with black and white and a gorgeous bold rug

The room's best accessory?  It's newest resident of course.  Now pardon me while I bawl my eyes out, because that's my baby holding my baby.

light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color
light and bright nursery with pops of color

Yup - she digs it.

And let's be honest.  This is how the crib actually looks.  Monitor cam and breathable bumper. #safetyfirst

I think we only have a few more weeks before we're going to have to move that cord!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!

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 photo f4_zpsabace950.png
 photo instaw_zps951d8ab3.png

Office Reveal!

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Really!  Not joking.  Did you think this would actually happen??  I doubted I would see the finish line too.

I am the queen of 80% when it comes to projects.  I make a big push on a project, get a ton accomplished (about 80%), decide to take a little break before the last leg.....and then lose. my. mojo.

I've actually been using this office at 80% done for several months and it's been so amazing!  Functionally, everything was in place...but there were several little projects that have been patiently waiting for me to finish them.

You've already seen a few of the items we checked off our list, like how we

fixed the uneven bead board

, my

gold RASKOG sewing cart makeover

, and the

letter writing station

we put together for our little girl.

I am so thrilled to say that the rest is finally DONE!  Granted that's because I simply let go of some of the projects I wanted to tackle, but for me, this is still a completed space.  And for a girl who is a terrible finisher, that is gold.

Here's a little refresher on where we started - a sweet yellow butterfly adorned toddler room...

No one could say it wasn't cute, but it really wanted to be a fabulous mom cave/office/haven.  Because this wasn't really working out....

So, I sketched out a plan that created 3 zones to meet my for blogging/computer work, one for household management, and one for sewing/crafting.

We used the

LINNMON/ADILS table and leg system from IKEA

to create a three-piece L-shaped desk.  It was key in creating those three important work zones. It gave me plenty of workspace without taking up a huge chunk of real-estate.

Everything else fell into place from there....

fantastic DIY office makeover!

This room is pretty tiny making it tough to get a full room shot.  So, we'll take a little tour around the space.

Just to the right of the door is my working wall.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

It has my brain dump board with to-do's, post ideas, etc.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

We installed three hooks right into the bead board for my camera bag, working bag, and extra purse.  You can see how we made over that once plain white file cabinet


and snoop around on the inside



fantastic DIY office makeover!

The banner above the white board is just a ream of our most recent ultrasound pics.  

I spread out the strip and cut a slit between each frame, stopping about a 1/2 inch from the top.  Then I used some washi tape and thumbtacks to pin it up.

Washi is also holding up a little creative inspiration...

On the adjacent wall is one side of my L-shaped desk - the Home Management Zone.  This is where I keep track of our calendar, pay bills, file papers, etc.  My inbox sits right in between this zone and the computer zone since we do most of our banking/bills online.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

We moved over to a Google Calendar as the master hub for all our family's activities, but I created a weekly cork board system using

IKEA heat trivets

($2.99 for a pack of 3) and some of my favorite

label plates

that I already had on hand.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

I use this to jog my brain for special event reminders and for things I need to do in preparation for upcoming activities (birthday gifts, online orders, etc.). 

fantastic DIY office makeover!

The corner where the magic happens....

fantastic DIY office makeover!

This is where I do most of my "work".  Whether it's home management, school planning, blogging, or just keeping in touch with our friends and family.  I love that it's right in the center and I can easily move from one zone to the next.   And I still have a great view out the window.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

I picked up the two succulent plant hangers above my computer from the Target clearance rack several months ago.  They were a bit plain-jane, especially with all the white in the room, so I wanted to spruce them up somehow with paint.  When I saw

Mandi's Paint-Dip Planters

I knew exactly what to do!

fantastic DIY office makeover!

The framed thank you card may seem random, but it's a daily reminder that there is always something to be thankful for and that gratitude can instantly change my attitude.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

I picked up this gold dot sugar jar from Home Goods a long time ago and it's the perfect size for my paper clips.

fantastic DIY office makeover!
fantastic DIY office makeover!

 The last section of my desk is for sewing and craft projects.  It's also where we keep Mia's letter writing station.  Since I typically do my computer work while the boys nap, Mia often likes to be in here with me during her quiet time. 

Letter writing station for a little correspondent
Letter writing station for a little correspondent

She let's me borrow her washi tape, so it works out.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

I keep my sewing machine on a


that we

blinged out with a little champagne gold spray paint

.  I certainly don't consider myself a fashionista, but I've always had fun with clothes and find so much inspiration in different styles and textiles.  These amazing prints are all the work of

Brittany Fuson

, whose


I could peruse for hours.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

The basket next to the cart belonged to my Grandmother and I use it to transport my machine if I ever go out to sew with friends.

fantastic DIY office makeover!

And that wraps it up!

fantastic DIY office makeover!
fantastic DIY office makeover!

The room has actually become one of my favorites in the house.  It gets amazing light throughout the day and my view is nothing but the corner of a neighbor's house and trees for days.  It's small, but it's more than enough.  I'm going to enjoy it for just a couple more weeks before we start

shifting things over

for our newest little resident!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!

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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 21: Another Bathroom Makeover & Painting Over Wallpaper

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Yesterday, I dished on our super thrifty

master bathroom makeover

.  It was Tweedle Dee in this sad pair of bathrooms screaming for attention.... 

And today, Tweedle Dum is showing off its new look.

Where painting over the wallpaper ended in a bubbly, peeling mess in the first bathroom, here it saved us from drowning in a sea of pastel starfish.

This wall paper had a lot of texture to it and was almost spongy to the touch.  I had attempted peeling a small corner at one point and it was coming off in itty-bitty pieces...almost crumbling.  I saw days of peeling in my future, and we didn't have that kind of time.  I needed to neutralize it and prayed a coat or two of paint would do the trick.  Thankfully, we tested a small area and had no peeling or bubbling!

I'm sorry I don't have any shots of this!  My phone was stolen and my in-progress pics were on there.  Boo.

I did grab this pic once we took the mirror down (more on that in a sec).  You can see the original wall color, then the first round of wallpaper from years ago, then the pastel beachy number that we painted in a fresh white (left over paint from our

master bedroom


The white paint took away the busy color palette but still allowed the sea scape design to show through. 

Once the walls weren't so in your face, we had to deal with the counter top and a broken faucet. 

We actually attempted using a countertop paint designed for laminate surfaces (gah! those dang lost pictures!) and it was awful.  I have a whole other post on that - it was a failure in here but successful on a much smaller surface in another room.

Anyhow.  I totally ruined the countertop and we had to replace it.  We opted for a prefab piece of laminate from Lowes.  It could easily be cut to size and just needed to have the holes cut to fit our sinks.  On a side note, if you ever choose this option, look over each piece of laminate really carefully.  We found that several pieces had deep scratches from being moved around.

 So, sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong.  We have an older home and these cabinets were shorter than average so the laminate is about 2 inches too deep.  The backsplash was also an inch lower than the old one, leaving a nice 1 inch gap between the top of the back splash and the start of the wall paper. 

We had grabbed some of these tiles from Lowes for another project and they ended up being a perfect solution to filling that gap, covering some dings from getting the counter top in/out, and finishing off the space.

It only took two squares of tile at $4.99 each.

We also ran into a very familiar scenario in updating other rooms in the house.  The plumbing was so old that we couldn't get a few pieces off the old sink and the new faucet parts weren't compatible with the old sink components.  So, we ended up having to get new sinks as well. 

Some leftover knobs from updating hardware in Mia's room were a modern update to the floral numbers that graced the doors before. 

I had snagged this shower curtain on sale from West Elm awhile ago and it turned out to be the perfect starting point to this room's neutral black and white makeover with a very subtle beachy/cabana vibe.

Especially considering what we had up before.  Don't judge.  We were just using what we had...

It took a little more work and a bigger budget than we anticipated, but it's definitely a decent update to a once chaotic space! 

I still get a nervous twitch when I look at the too-long counter top but eventually those cabinets will need to be replaced.  Hopefully, we've given the new home owners a functioning and more livable space in the meantime.

Budget breakdown...

8 ft laminate countertop - $108.00 (Lowes)

Side/finishing pieces - 2 @ $23.00 - $46.00 (Lowes)

Tile border - $9.98 (Lowes)

Faucets - 2 @ $25.86 - $51.72 (Lowes)

Sinks - 2 @ $38.98 - $77.96 (Lowes)

Towel basket - $7.99 (Marshall's)

Shower curtain - already owned (West Elm)

Rug - $29.99 (Marshalls)

Hurricane candle holders - 3 @ $2.99 -  $8.97 (Goodwill)

Total - $340.61

Not as great as our $56

master bathroom update

, but it's definitely got the double whamie - it now looks better


functions properly.  Peace of mind for us and the new home owners.

Has anyone else tried painting over wall paper?  Or get sucked down the DIY rabbit hole where one fix leads to five others?  

*This is part of a 31 day series on moving - catch all the posts by clicking right



Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!