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Master Bedroom Refresh: The Plan

Deme Crinion5 Comments

Our poor neglected master bedroom.  She's a dump zone and she knows it.  Is yours a dump zone too?  Is it brimming with piles and clutter and randomness? Can you just ignore it or does it drive you nuts?

I'm not jumping on a soap box about how our bedrooms should be a serene sanctuary or how we should put ourselves first by making our bedroom a retreat.  I mean that all sounds nice, but in reality I'm just tired of bumping into things. And not knowing if the piles of laundry are clean or dirty or a rare mixed breed.  

A couple weeks ago I also started to feel like a bit of a hypocrite for requiring our kids to maintain their spaces when ours was the pits.  Then I thought it might be nice to actually crawl into bed at the end of the night and be able to breath in a sigh of relief, instead of looking around at more things to add to my to-do list before closing my eyes for the night. 

So, here we are scheming about a little refresh for our much neglected space. I'm calling this a refresh instead of a makeover because most of the pieces are already there....just buried.  

I've gathered a few things for this space over the past year that will finally get the dust blown off them. I had forgotten about some, but was pleasantly surprised to rediscover these old treasures in looking at what I could use that I already had on hand.  

The first was this Deuteronomy 6 print from Naptime Diaries.  

I grabbed a poster size of this beauty a few months ago and it has sat in the shipping tube like a trapped genie ever since.  I was so excited to find this hiding next to my desk, because it's now driving the train for this whole project - the colors, the significance, all of it.  

James' only input for the room is that he wants some color.  Taking that feedback and using the print as a jumping off point, I came up with this:

The base of the room (walls/furniture) will be mostly neutral, but there's plenty of color coming in via the headboard and other accents.  The best part is that I already had everything here except for the duvet/comforter.....and thanks to a clearance sale, I can now check that off the list too. 

Here's the breakdown....

1. This jute rug from H&M was such a fun find (and H&M has become one of my favorite online stores for affordable home stuff - check out their pillow covers!).  I got it months ago intending to use it in another room, but I think its going to help add a great natural/textural element. I'm thinking on the wall above the headboard.

2. Obviously this piece is central to the room.  I love the saturated colors and versatility.  We can pull some blues/greens into the accents for a cool feel or pull some of those pinks and oranges if we want to warm things up.  

3. I've been e-stalking this upholstered headboard for over a year.  I was hesitant to go with such a bold color and it seemed a little too teal online.  I was going for more of a peacock blue or navy.  But I just never found anything else that was the right style/color at the right price point. The reviews mentioned the color was darker in person, so I finally pulled the trigger during Wayfair's last headboard sale.  It did not disappoint! 

4. Anthropologie is like a dream.  A dream way beyond my budget...BUT!  They can have decent sale prices and occasionally run an extra 40% off sale items.  I jumped on the last one and snagged this duvet. It has some pattern and subtle gold hand stitching but the black and white allows it to act as a neutral.

5. Even though I ended up finding two bigger items at deep discounts I didn't want to sink much more cash into the room, so we're using a left over can of paint from the family room.  At first I wanted dark and moody but for free I think I'll be fine with light and airy.  It's a great light neutral grey with warm undertones (Silver Drop by Behr). 

6. You know you've found a kindred spirit when your friend calls to inform you that they've cut down a tree in her yard and wants to know if she should save some stumps for you to use as side tables.  Free and rustic and just the right size: WIN-NING. 

I think the biggest challenge is going to be keeping the room from feeling too feminine.  The florals, the delicate details in the jute rug....I'm hoping some of the more rustic elements like the stump tables and some black accents will help dude things up a bit.  We also brought in two bookcases from other rooms in the house to flank the headboard.  We'll mount some reading lights (which I already have) and then we just need to find some curtains.  I do have an extra white set but I'm not sure if that will meet the color quota from the hubs.  Maybe some fun trim details?  We'll see.  For now, we're starting by digging our way through the piles of books and clothes and then we'll hit those walls with some fresh paint!  

Mia's Mood Board: Inspired by Zig Zags

Deme Crinion2 Comments
As the weekend approaches, I'm excited to get back to work in Mia's room!  After our first stab at giving her room a functional, organizational, and aesthetic overhaul last year, we're addressing some of those areas that aren't working as well as we anticipated. 

Whenever we take another look at an aspect of a room that's not working, we also take a second glance at the room as a whole.  So, while we need to address some ill-functioning storage and the furniture layout, I'm excited to have a little fun tweaking her room design too!

I want to work in some more aqua blue accents and maybe a few more neutrals.  For a long time I've also wanted to make Mia a quilt for her bed.  Something she can use as a cozy reading blanket once she outgrows it and hopefully one she can take with her as a keepsake when she moves out one day.  Don't dash my dreams, OK?  In my mind this quilt is uber special.  And I create it without flaw.  Stop laughing. 

I pinned some darling quilts and am most inspired by this pin via Mommy By Day Crafter By Night.

And it's inspiring the updated design in our little girl's room...

Many of these elements are already in place, so our main goal is to make sure we're making the most of what we do have and then to fill in any gaps.  Here's the breakdown....

1.  Last time we used butterfly clips from the flower department in Michael's to create a whimsical feature on the dark pink focal wall.  Mia still loves these and I do too.  So, they're staying!

2.  The white bed in Mia's room was a garage sale find by my parents.  It was dark brown and worn from age but they had it painted a fresh white along with the rest of her main furniture pieces.  You can find identical twin Jenny Lind beds at Land of Nod, but I'm sure a patient craigslist or yard sale stalker could find one for less.

3.  After seeing zipper canvas bins used as under the bed storage in the Centsational Girl's daughter's room I knew they would be ideal for Mia's space.  Right now they are on sale through One Step Ahead.  I'm hoping this will be a better way to corral all those small little toys and dolls that tend to end up all over the room.

4.  This will actually be the last step, but we eventually want to lay hard flooring throughout the house.  Our youngest has asthma and getting rid of the carpet will be a big help in keep the dust to a minimum.  Especially living in the desert.  A cushy rug for floor play will be essential and a big element in the room.  We love this Raised Floral Rug in Green by Land of Nod.  We also have our eye on these two options:

5, 6, 7.  We created a reading corner with this Pottery Barn Teen Hang-A-Round Chair
 in Pink "Dottie" (I don't see the polka dot chairs on their site now, but they bring in various prints through out the year).  I'll be stalking flash sale sites for a pouf similar to the white Moroccan number in the mood board from We'll also be looking to DIY or repurpose something for book storage on the the shelf in the mood board or this Wall Mounted Book Bin.

We thought this book rack was pretty cute too:

8, 9.  Mia's vanity is one of my favorite zones in the room, and one that's still working well for us.  It came with the bed my parents found and was also given new life through a fresh coat of paint. Here's a similar option. We painted a birdcage for a pop of color and it doubles as a charming clip holder.

10, 11, 12, 13.  Mia's dresser is in her closet and is my childhood dresser.  You can find a similar one here. We updated the hardware with these pink acrylic knobs from Target.  The dresser has ample storage, but will swap places with her bookcase.  It will be a fun spot to play with accessories like the pink alarm clock (we found one on clearance at Hobby Lobby) and colorful animal bookends.  The giraffe bookends are from Etsy.

14.  In searching Etsy I came across some adorable fabric push pins and am scheming up a sweet wall art project with these black and white zig-zags. But these floral, black and whitepink and yellow, and colored lace ones are super cute too and we may end up bringing in a pin board for Mia's photos and special treasures.

15.  We love these Charming Floor Bins via Land of Nod to help contain stuffed animal, extra blankets, or medium sized toys.

16.  Mia received a beautiful doll house bookcase from her baby shower.  I'm not sure where it was purchased but I found similar ones here and here.  As we mentioned above, it will be swapping places with the dresser.  We'll be using the cubbies for books, display, and doll house parts.  Having this piece in the closet will hopefully help keep the toys from taking over the room and make for easier cleanup. 

You can see on the mood board how we've created little zones within her room.  A place for sleep, reading, dressing up, drawing (the vanity doubles as a workspace), playing, and getting ready for the day.  Hopefully the room as a whole is a place for her to dream, use her imagination and feel at home.

Now, to get on that quilt ;)

Master Bedroom Mood Board - Using Olioboard!

Deme Crinion3 Comments
As we've shifted our plan of attack in the master bedroom a bit, I wanted to get all of these new ideas in one place to see if they were all playing well together.

My very first attempt at a mood board (or style tile) was for our shared office/guest room.  I used Photoshop Elements and had a blast putting it together!  But it took a really long time.  I'm still a basic Photoshop user and have yet to dive into more of the advanced options, so this was definitely a factor in my snail's pace. 

This time around I gave Olioboard  a shot.  And I'm a huge fan!  It was incredibly user friendly for this first-timer and has so many great features!  You can upload your own images from your computer, snag them from the web, or use their extensive image gallery for every room category imaginable.  It's very easy to resize, rotate, flip and duplicate images...but the mack daddy of all the features (at least in my book) is the tool that removes the extra background from your images with one click.  This was the most time consuming step for me in using PSE, so this Olioboard mood board for our master bedroom came together with much more ease!

And here she be!

We've shifted from a grey/yellow/teal/white palette, to an indigo/green/white color scheme, with a mix of modern and traditional elements.  Here's the breakdown...

-The bed wall will be the focal point in the room.  We plan to use our old sliding wood closet doors (I have a slight obsession with removing them) to build ceiling-height bookcases that will flank the bed.  We'll add doors to the bottom portion of the bookcases for concealed storage and paint them white.

-Three white frames (Ikea) will display black and white pics of our kiddos above the upholstered headboard we plan to DIY in a bold indigo/white print.

-We plan to install two small wall sconces for individual reading light at night, that we can easily turn on/off without getting out of bed.  This is pure laziness, Friends.

-We'll keep the bedding neutral with this Crinkle White Quilt from Target, and play with color in the throw pillows.

-We scored the large buffet on craigslist and it will serve as my dresser for undergarments/sock/pj/workout clothes storage and help to organize my jewelry.

-The blue and white floral fabric in the top left corner is actually a shower curtain from Target.  We'll use it for curtains and add a fun green panel to give it the right height to frame our window.

-I may be most excited about the sliding barn door I have convinced James to help me create.  It will provide much needed privacy and separation between the bedroom and on-suite bathroom/dressing area.  Right now I'm thinking we'll stain it, but a bold pop of color is never out of the question. ;)

-Finally, we'll have fun filling the bookcases with books, frames and other blue/white/silver accents.

Like so many people, the master bedroom will be one of the last rooms to get some love in this house, when I know that creating a sanctuary for the hubs and I should really be at the top of the priority list.  Either way, we finally have a vision for the room that speaks to James' traditional taste and my love for color and the eclectic.  We'll probably have to wait until after football season to get started, but at least now I can close my eyes and envision this until then!

*I'm linked up at  The Shabby Creek CottageWhipperberry & A Glimpse Inside!

Moody Monday

Deme Crinion1 Comment
It's almost too late in the day to call this post "Moody Monday" but we're slipping in with a mood board to start off the week!  It's my first attempt at a mood board or style tile but as my mind was reeling with all the plans for our office space, I was motivated to put all those thoughts together in one visual image.

Meet our....

This room needs to work HARD for us.  It's a shared office for James and I, a craft/sewing room and it still needs to flex as a guest room when we have visitors.   We have a lot of resources, supplies, and extra bedding that need proper storage and we need individual work zones to inspire and motivate!  The challenge will be to keep this space feeling inspired, streamlined and uncluttered despite it's many functions. 

So here's how we'll do it...

1.  The walls will get a coat of a soothing grey/blue color in Valspar's Notre Dame.  It's an extra can of paint I have on hand that I planned to use on a different project.  And it's completely fitting not just as a neutral backdrop for our color palette, but in it's name - my husband's alma mater. 

2. The color scheme for the room is white/navy/green/pink.  These fabrics will cover individual pin boards for us to post our important info, inspiring photos, fabric swatches....or whatever suites our mood!  Fabric.Com has great selections at a very reasonable price per yard.

3.  This 9-cube storage shelf is something we actually have on hand.  To keep the budget for this room low we are trying to reuse the things we already own.  In its former life, this cubby system stored toys for our kids but now it will help to corral sewing and craft supplies with the help of some colorful bins from Land of Nod and Target.   I'll save jars around the house to store various sewing supplies.

4.  This white desk with hutch is from Ikea and reflects the general direction we're going for James' desk area.  I actually found one a bit bigger with more shelving on craigslist for just $40.  It's sitting in our garage until we get the walls painted! 

5.  We're sticking with navy and green for James' work zone, so navy and green binders will house his football playbooks, schedules, etc.  Bins like these lidded boxes from Target will hold all of his football DVD's.  We'll stick with silver finishes for the other desk accessories.

6.  For my work zone, we're going with two desks that will form an L-shape in a corner of the room.  One will be my computer area for blogging and household management.  The other will be for sewing and crafting.  One of my biggest pet peeves is having to store my sewing machine after each use....or maybe it's just laziness :)  I would love to be able to leave it out and just shut the door to avoid a safety hazard for the kids.  I'm hoping craigslist will come through for me again on this one! 

7.  I'm keeping my eye out for a wooden desk chair that I can paint a hot pink color or even one with a pad that I can cover with some girly fabric. 

8.  I love the look of glass lamp bases and one similar to this green one would work perfectly in the space.  I also love the modern base with blue ikat dot shade on this Pottery Barn Teen lamp.

9.  These colorful zig-zag strappy baskets with lids and white cubby cups from Land of Nod are such playful desktop storage pieces!  The baskets could discretely hold office or sewing supplies and there are plenty of cups for keeping office supplies easily accessible on the desktop.

10. Green and grey are unifying colors in the space, so these green Gateway Trellis curtains from Target would be a fantastic way to dress the window. 

11.  As much as we need to get some serious work done in this office space, we also want a cozy place to thumb through magazines for design inspiration, take notes, read books/resources, etc.  A comfy upholstered chair like this Clybourn Loft Armchair in smoke from Target would create an intimate reading corner.

And that wraps it up!  Having a visual reference for all these ideas helps me see all the pieces coming together and how they relate with each other.  I can't wait to see this space become a reality!  

But first, to finish painting those walls that we meant to finish this weekend ;)