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Leaks and Floor Bubbles and New Plans

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Welp.  Sometimes you make plans. And sometimes God laughs at your logical planning ways while throwing a great big wrench into your great big plans. 

I had just started thinking about a few projects I might like to work on.  You know....a slow reentry into life beyond the newborn colic.  Then came the wrench....

That's our floor being ripped off the slab.  A couple days ago James noticed a quiet hissing noise near the fridge before he went to bed.  We figured it was the water cycling through the new filter we had just changed.  Oh, if only. 

The next morning we could still hear it, but there we no visible signs of a leak.  So, James planned to pull the fridge out after work for a little investigating. Turns out we wouldn't need to wait that long. 

A couple hours later I noticed bubbles at the seams of the flooring and a distinct squishy sound when walking on said floor planks.  We indeed had a leak.

Within a couple of hours our insurance had connected us with a restoration company and our floors were coming up in soggy chunks.  We now have the worlds loudest fans drying out the ground and are speaking in conversational shouts over the jet engines.....and applying chap stick in liberal amounts thanks to the dehumidifier.

A couple "funny" things....

Just two days prior to this I looked around the family room and thought "I should really take some pictures of this wackadoodle room before I start changing things up".  I don't have any pics of it other than moving day, and I've had the urge to make it feel less like a catch-all yard sale site.  So, I snapped some pics.

Just two days prior to that, I was walking through Home Depot and thought "Hmmm. I know we probably can't afford to do the floors in the kitchen/family room for another year or two, but we should really look to see if they still have the flooring from our living/dining room and stock up as we can before they discontinue it". 

Well, thanks to our insurance, hopefully a whole lot of that flooring will show up here in a few days.  We had to pay a painful deductible, but it was WAY BETTER than the price of paying for someone to fix the problem in total out of pocket. 

This is the second time our insurance has come to our rescue in the past few months (the last time was major body work on our car after an accident).  We're feeling a bit sucker punched, but mostly really grateful.  God has been so faithful to bring good out of our "what the heck?!?!" moments and this is no different.

The family room is also one of our spaces in most need of purging.  Since we're going to have to move out all the furniture for them to replace the floors, we're going to take this week to really purge as we clear things out. 

Aaaaannd since I had already planned on giving this room a little refresh this spring, we may go ahead and knock out some bigger projects that were on the long term list for these rooms.  I'm even thinking I might tackle the kitchen.  Why? Because I belong in the loony bin.....and the last time we took on a kitchen makeover it really displaced us for awhile. Since we're already displaced for the next couple weeks (but thankfully still have a mostly functional kitchen), we may as well take advantage of the construction zone state of the things.  Of course, that all depends on a certain 2 1/2 month old and how much she'll let us get done. 

For now, we continue the purge!  A fitting task for Holy Week, no? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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40 Bags Weekly Recap: The Tupperware Abyss

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Happy Friday, friends!  Are you ready for the weekend?  Dumb question.

Last week was a week. Our main car has been in the shop for over a week now, taking winter cabin fever with a colicky baby to a whole new level. 

Thankfully, the temps climbed into the 50's for TWO DAYS and it was like a massive block party with neighbors running out to the vitamin D in droves. It was even warm enough for this little girl to take her stroller for a test drive.  How is she so big already?!?!
(as seen on the Insta)

Anyhow! Today we're checking in with a 40 Bags In 40 Days update.  I'm still fighting the desire to do it all at once or not at all.  This task is so big and I don't have the time or energy to do it in one chunk. Which is the point right? The whole purpose is to make a little progress each day which adds up to a lot in the end. So, I'm like Dory up in here when it comes to progress - just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

I'm still plugging away at purging all the cabinets in our kitchen/family room area.  And these two above our pantry may have taken the tiara for "Most Likely To Drive My Husband To Insanity".  I joke.  But not. 
My rockstar husband has been getting the kids up in the mornings because his wife doesnt function during that part of the day for awhile now.  He also makes Mia's lunch for school and his own to take along to work. Finding what he needed in this abyss was simply a delight.

These cabinets are really deep so this is just the first layer.  Who knows what was shoved behind all this....
 Well, I do now.  After we pulled everything out I discovered all our picnic/outdoor dining stuff (paper and plastic ware, serving trays, and a plastic pitcher).  As well as some other randomness.

The main task was to get a handle on the ridiculous tupperware situation and weed out anything that didn't belong there.

We moved all the picnic items to a cupboard in big bar thingy,  ditched any tupperware pieces that had lost their partner to the recycle bin, and organized the rest.   James is much taller than I am at 6'4", so we put the lunch boxes and items I don't access as much on the top shelf.  All our remaining tupperware and some paper plates went to the bottom.

One of the most frustrating things about this cabinet was trying to grab the right travel was like attempting to remove a bowling pin from the center of the gaggle without knocking the rest of them over.  Strike every time.

So, we used an extra basket to corral all the cups and lids into one contained spot.

A couple months ago (when we were making/freezing food in prep for baby) we grabbed a bulk pack of these medium tupperware containers from Costco.  And we love them. I've purchased the variety packs with various sizes before, but we really don't need 12 different options of shapes and sizes.  Large, medium, and small will do the trick for us.
Obviously, we kept a few other sizes for the time being.  Now that we've actually excavated all our tupperware, we're going to pay attention to which ones we use the most, then ditch the rest.

It felt so good to finally address this black hole!  It even gave me motivation to tackle the rest of the pantry. Sure it took me 3 days, but it's done. I have two more kitchen cupboards to tackle, then we'll be moving on to another zone.  Huzzah!

I'm also still working on this desk area....

I'm breaking up my old office between the desk above and an equally disastrous area I've carved out in our master bedroom. 

Those gems are comin' up next week.

This small way of doing....this progress made in inches.  It is so against my nature.  Dang it, I just want two uninterrupted hours (when I'm not exhausted at the end of the day) to knock _______out. But that's not my current reality.  Once I stopped whining and accepted my turtle existence of slow and steady, would you believe we actually started to see some real progress. 

How are you faring?  What's been your hardest area to deal with so far?  If you haven't jumped in yet, it's never too late to start!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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Trim Upgrade For The Bar Wall

Deme Crinion5 Comments
After a few days of nothing but painting, trimming, caulking, and more painting...yesterday, I plopped my butt on the couch and didn't move.  We've made a lot of progress in our kitchen/family room, but the mess that seems to explode when we move things around to knock out a project is making it feel like we still have miles to go.

I'm ready to finish up the last of the painting tonight, but not before a little show & tell of our improved bar area.

You may have noticed two areas that were still green in our freshly painted room post.  One is the half wall in our school zone that's getting a coat of chalkboard paint, and the other is this area under the kitchen island/bar.
Trim Upgrade For The Bar

In my grand scheme of kitchen fabulocity, this island area (bar and cabinetry on the other side) go a darker/saturated color, and all the other cabinets along the back wall go white.

It will be a long time before we're able to do a full kitchen redo (if ever), so we attempted to make the most of what we have.....starting by making this flat wall under the bar look a little more built in.

Simple trim pieces to the rescue! 

This area can seat three people comfortably, so I wanted to create three "panels".  We started with a long piece of trim along the bottom and another on the top.
Trim Upgrade For The Bar

Trim Upgrade For The Bar

Then we slapped up four evenly spaced vertical trim pieces to create those "panels".  We could have just butted up the vertical pieces to the existing base board but the trim was slightly thicker than the narrowed top edge of the baseboard.  The horizontal trim on the top and bottom keep everything mostly flat and flushed.
Trim Upgrade For The Bar

Then there was the issue of the sides.  It looked a little bare and incomplete to leave them blank, so we extended the horizontal trim along the top and bottom of all sides of the wall.
Trim Upgrade For The Bar

We placed the trim on the wall opposite of the bar first.  Then cut/measured a piece of trim for the side long enough to cover both the wall and the exposed side pieces of trim (hope that makes sense).
Trim Upgrade For The Bar

We caulked all the seams, filled all the holes, then gave it a coat of paint/primer combo called Sable Evening in a semi-gloss finish.  It's a dark grey with some warm brown undertones. mud.  But pretty mud.  
Trim Upgrade For The Bar
This is the first coat (still wet) but it's already making a huge difference.  We also hung the curtain rods and clipped up the fabric panels for some privacy in the breakfast nook.  But I still need to hem them.   Almost there!

Now seriously. The addition of a little trim can completely transform a space, and the best part - it's usually cheap.  I spent $28 on four 8ft pieces of pine trim and with a fresh coat of paint this area just stepped up it's game.  I can't wait to see it after the second coat!

And knowing me I will want to go ahead and paint out the cabinets on the other side of the island too.  And once that's done, I might as well just bust out the white paint  for the other cabinets.  Because when you give a mouse a cookie.....

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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Breakfast Nook Plans

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I know.  I just posted our Spring Project List and the breakfast nook was not included.  BUT, as I was digging through my craft closet yesterday, I realized that I had almost everything we needed to make over this little breakfast corner....which happens to drive us bonkers. 

It's certainly not terrible, and the huge windows make it one of my favorite spots in the house... 

except for the vertical blinds (pushed toward the corner in the pic above) that are constantly getting caught up on the window handles and are sporting a couple of missing slats...

or the rectangular table that's too big for the space and has one side that slopes down.  Of course there is a magnetic pull drawing my 3 year old to that side and it's always a fun little game to see whether or not his meal will slide into his lap....

or the green walls.  I love green, just not this green....

and the ceiling fan.  Am I the only weirdo that thinks it's strange to have a fan over an area with food?  I just forsee napkins and chips flying off plates.  I may come to the light once summer hits, but this room actually stays really cool throughout the day.  Awful in winter, but hopefully perfect for summer.  Maybe??

When we first moved in, I grabbed a couple of duvets from eBay to replace those pesky verticals.  I also snagged an L-shaped rod from IKEA, and a couple cans of paint from Home Depot.  And have done nothing with them over the past couple months. 

The only thing I didn't have was a solution for the table.  I knew I wanted something round and had the potential to seat five. 

Yesterday I made a quick trip to IKEA while the kids were in school, and picked up a DOCKSTA table (along with some storage/organization stuff for the front entry).  Can we say "game changer"...

MUCH better.  The kids can actually walk around the table without getting into a wrestling match with the blinds.  It's smaller but with less wasted space, and visually it's clean lines work much better with those busy chairs. 
We had a school space costume in progress on the dining room table last night and we were easily able to pull up an extra chair so we could all share a meal here. 

Since everything else will be painted or have a lot of color/pattern (curtains), I sort of wish those two coral chairs from our last breakfast nook weren't painted.  I like the natural wood of the other two chairs.  Do you think it's worth stripping them or should I just paint all four the same color?   I've also been keeping my eye on craigslist for another set since I have other areas where these could be used.  Decisions, decisions...

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!