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Desk vs. Nightstand

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That title makes it sound like a stand off, but I really hope it ends up being more of a happy marriage!  When we started working on my office update, a larger workspace was high on the priority list.  So, my old desk got the boot...
 (back at our first house...with my BABY!!)

Rather than donate or sell it right away, I tried to think of another area in the house it might be used.  I temporarily shoved it next door into our master bedroom and realized that it might be the answer to our wimpy nightstand dilemma.  I was originally going to troll craigslist for a larger set, but it turns out there was just enough room for my old desk to fit next to the bed. 

It wasn's planning on that arrangement, but the more I live with it the more I love it.  And these pretty desk-turned-nightstand setups have me excited for what we can do...

The desk doubles as a nightstand and workspace, but since I have an office space in the works I think I'm going to make this more of a prayer/study/quiet/no kids allowed corner.  It might be easier for me to get in some quiet time in the morning if all I have to do is roll out of bed and land on a chair.  

Since we'll need something with similar dimensions on James' side of the bed for balance, I'm thinking a dresser might be the answer.  Our closet has some built in drawers for clothes, but it might be nice to have an added piece of storage for extra linens, books and seasonal items.  Something similar to this...

What about you.....does anyone else use a non-nightstand as a nightstand?  How do you feel about mismatched nightstands?  Do they make your eyes do crazy things or are they perfectly imperfect?

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Coffee Break: Pizza, Zombies, & Pretty Closets

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Oh, you guys.....TGIF!!!  That used to mean a night of Full House and Family Matters, but now it means relax have a glass of don't have to be dressed or have anyone anywhere by a certain time tomorrow morning

So, let's chat...

For a few years now, Fridays have been pizza/movie night in our house (which happens to work swimmingly for those no-meat-on-fridays-during-lent families).  We found a great pizza place here that we really love.  James usually picks up a couple on his way home from work, but I've always thought about making our own.  The Nester shared her homemade pizza today and that may have done it for me...

We also have a bread machine.....anyone been successful with yummy pizza dough from the machine?

Emergency Preparedness
For the past 6 years we've lived in the desert.  The biggest natural disaster/emergency/zombie apocalypse threat was lack of water and fires.  We did water ration, but I wasn't very good about keeping extra water on hand....somehow every time I picked up an extra flat of water bottles, we ended up tearing into it to grab "just one bottle" as we were heading out the door.  I had a few emergency supplies scattered throughout the house, but never a comprehensive stash in one organized spot.

Now we're in the midwest, and after the polar vortex that was this winter and things like tornadoes and hail storms not totally unlikely, creating an emergency station in our home has been on my radar.  I think it's important for each family to have regardless of where you live.....would you all be interested in a series on this topic??

Toni from A Bowl Full Of Lemons did an amazing series on it here.  I'm going to revisit that post and start gathering some ideas for how an emergency station might look for our home.

Closet Goodness
OH. MY.  Two closet makeovers blew me away this week.  Both totally different.  

Kelly turned her sad closet into an uber feminine, don't even bother if it's not sparkly HAVEN.  I'm still drooling...

Then, then, THEN....the same day, The Handmade Home revealed their family closet.  Holy moly organized goodness!

I feel the need to go make something pretty and organized....oh wait, hello poor neglected office project.  I'm finally returning to you.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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A Vintage Toy Inspired Nursery

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Last night we put the last coat of paint on the dining room walls and now I am walking around this place like a fool.  Big ole goofy grin on my face...maybe high off paint fumes or maybe just so happy to have eliminated a layer of beige from our living room.   We still have the largest wall in the living room to paint, so that post (wall painted or not) is coming tomorrow!

In the meantime, I have the sweetest of spaces to share with you!  Our dear friends Brian and Kristy are expecting their first baminbo.  Well, actually it's a bambina, and she is one lucky little girl.  Kristy is an incredibly talented graphic designer and her creativity knows no bounds.  She kept the plan for the nursery under wraps and when she shared the much anticipated pics the other day, I may or may not have squealed out loud.

She was kind enough to let me share them here.  All pics are courtesy of her iphone :)  Check out their vintage toy inspired nursery...

Such a unique take on a space for baby, yet still so perfectly fitting.  I really can't choose a favorite part...the mobile...that alphabet wall...the framed toys...the gorgeous many sweet touches.  Most of the details in this room Kristy created herself, including the incredible art.  I was going to pick her brain on the project details, but her water broke and ruined all my plans.  The nerve!  We'll forgive her since she's a woman in labor about to meet this charming nursery's newest resident.  Good luck, Mama and enjoy every minute in that wonderful new space with your precious little one!

*Thanks so much to all of you that filled out our blogiversary survey.  I'm eating up every response!  If you missed that post and wouldn't mind giving us your two cents on the blog, hop right over here.  I promise it's quick!

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Coffee Break: Superheroes, House Progress, & Our Mad Child Naming Skillz

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I used to reserve Fridays for 7 Quick Takes, thanks to Jen's awesome link up.  However.  Coming up with seven gems to share each week was like trying to find a single pair of matching socks in our household.  Futile.  I usually have 3-4 things to yap about.....and coming up with 5-7 often sends me reaching into the depths of nose-picking reports and the like.  But I loved the break it gave the blog from the usual DIY/House a coffee break with a friend to catch up on all that other stuff that's been going on (that doesn't necessarily rate it's own post).

So, basically I'm stealing Jen's idea.  With a few tweaks.  Fridays will have the same feel, just a little less structured. A chance for us to catch up on family life, quick project updates, good reads from the week, recipes we've stumbled on, or great sales.  Whatever.  It's a coffee break, so we can chat about whatever we want.

I have a hot cup of regular joe with one packet of stevia and LOTS of Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer [read: crack] in hand.   So, grab your standard and let's catch up already.

The House
I keep waiting to get the house a little more "put together" before showing you a progress report, but evidently we just don't move that fast around here.  Some un-pinworthy pics for your viewing pleasure....

Polar vortex round one was about to land and we realized that 6 very large windows/doors were still completely uncovered.  You could feel the freeze just walking by them. Commence scramble session to mount curtain rods (collecting dust in the corner waiting to be hung) and clip up some totally un-hemmed, unfinished fabric.
 (How the man is in shorts with the frigid fury descending, I have no idea..)

The fabric is a king size duvet that I was able to get 4 panels from.  I cut two king size flat sheets in half and had instant liners. No, not sewn together or hemmed.  But the windows were covered.  Done enough.

The rods only happened in the living and dining rooms.  Some random pillow covers were thumb-tacked over the smaller windows in the kitchen.  And are still like that.

The girl and I were due for a visit to the eye doctor.  A new replacement pair for me and a brand new/first time pair for the bambina.  She reached straight for the pink ones and all others were dead to her.

She came off the school bus the first couple days still wearing them. Pink, pink, always pink.

Quotes from Sullivan...

-Pondering [while taking care of business in the loo]...

"Mom, I have speed...I have strength...I have a SWORD....I think I might be a superhero.   Mia and Jack?  They don't have what it takes.  I have what it takes.  Yeah (nodding)...I. am. a. SUPERHERO!"

-After James swept in, cooked our dinner, and generally saved the fail of a day....

Me: Wow!  Daddy was a rock star tonight.

Sully [touching my arm]:  It's OK, Mom.  You can work on it. 

And if you missed it on Instagram, there's this:

"Jack, what's your middle name?"

I know.  It's a gift.  I charge a small fee for anyone in need of help with their future namesake....or snorting.

Even though I may not be linking up to the 7 Quick Takes Link-up every week, I will still faithfully stalk Jen's blog for posts like this.  You should too.

Happy Weekend!

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