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Winter Wardrobe Staples To Snatch Up For Next Year

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Well, let's be honest.  For those of us anywhere other than Texas or Florida, we'll be donning the winter wardrobe for several more weeks.  But stores are already bringing in their spring lines...which means all those fantastic winter coats and sweaters are all on sale with extra saving for this MLK weekend!

The post about how I pared down to a 30-piece Minimalist Wardrobe has finally surpassed the toiled post as "most pinned".

Purging The Closet!
(sample wardrobe)

My rules to shopping for a successful minimalist wardrobe are Fit and Flatter, Love not Like, Quality over Quantity, and Versatile 3-ways.  You can download this free shopping list to help keep you on track and read the full post here.  

Minimalist closet or full to the brim, good staples are a must!  I've got my eye on these sale goodies...

Happy shopping and I hope you're able to enjoy some time off with your loved ones today!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!

What I Wore Sunday & Our Fourth Of July

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We're relaxing on a Sunday evening, willing Monday to stay away.  Speaking of Monday, the Summer Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!  Have you entered yet??

I've been working on taking my closet down to a fairly basic, minimalist wardrobe and have a monster post in the works with how to do it, how to shop and how to keep your closet from filling up with a bunch "nothing to wear" again!

This dress I wore to church today was a Target find and it filled the "day dress" gap in my wardrobe.  It's really versatile, can be styled up or down, but best of all, it just fits well.  No tugging, no adjusting and forgiving to a curvy figure.

I wanted more of a flowy drape and didn't know if it would shrink after the first wash, so I'm glad I went up a size!  

I obviously didn't grab a full shot but it actually has a high-low hem line (which I'm normally not crazy about).  But the "high" hit just below my knee so it still felt modest.  The only reason I didn't wear it all day long (because it's that comfortable!) was because yard work was calling my name.

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July!  We grilled, we swam, we shared meals with friends, we lit our own fireworks and watched some bigger ones.  We shared some pics from the weekend on our Facebook page
but here's a little video from our backyard fireworks.

 Now go enter that Giveaway!

*linking up with the gang at Fine Linen & Purple

What I Wore Sunday: Mother's Day Edition!

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Prepare yourself.  Some seriously underwhelming Mommy's Day attire is ahead.  But for good reason!  This year our parish started an American Heritage Girls troop.  It's very similar to Girl Scouts, but is Christ-centered in every aspect.  They are a "...non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country." And we have loved every minute!

Mia is part of the youngest unit, The Pathfinders.  And I am their fearless leader.  I seriously lucked out with the sweetest group of 5 year old girls and we've had a blast.  We got a late start and had our fair share of first year hiccups, but we were still able to work in flag etiquette, meteorology, first-aid, cake decorating, a few community service activities, religious badges and finish the work for our unit level award.  We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to the crossing over ceremony later this month where my girls will officially become Tenderhearts! 

Now this is a What I Wore post, so without further adieu, here we are in our red, white and blue AHG gear, looking a little more like the 4th of July than Mother's Day.  I don't think there was a single good shot.  Here's how it went down...

Too silly and squirmy to look at the camera..

Then Mia decided smiling was for the birds...

We tried to cheer her up

And then decided to just forget pose - go!

Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like a polo and khakis.   If these pictures weren’t outside, you might think it was “Visit Your Favorite Target Employee Day”.  In fact, Mia and I made a trip to Target later that afternoon and I spared myself from being asked where to find____ and changed before we left.  For anyone looking for a decent basic polo and khakis and or ready to start their new Tarjay career, both these are from Old Navy.  

Linking up with folks at Fine Linen & Purple where I'm sure the Mother's Day finery is much finer than I.

Happy Day to all the Mama's!

What I Wore Sunday: The photo dump

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Hello!  My mom just sent me a message to check in since we've been "off the radar".  To say the least!

I'm sure you're sick of hearing that we've been sick.  It's beginning to turn into an awkward girl-who-cried-sick scenario, but yup, sick again. Like off and on since December sick.  But we're feeling better, and trying not to let spring allergies get us down. I won't whine anymore and just say that I'm grateful we were all well enough to make Mass a full family affair today!

I actually have been taking outfit photos, I just haven't been coherent enough to write up a post.  So lucky you gets a What I Wore photo dump today.   Some of these are church duds and others just randomness mostly shared on Instagram

Here's when spring thought it would be funny to show up like it was going to stay back in March.  I was all excited to bust out the spring color.

green skinnies, polka dot shirt, navy green and yellow
 (Shirt: Old Navy | Green skinnies & yellow belt: Target | Green/Yellow cuff: Downeast Basics)

Then it snowed again and I had to dig out the winter sweaters I had foolishly packed away.
 grey and white polka dot sweater
(sweater: Forever 21)

A missed winter in spring Mass outfit
(All Tarjay)

Another Downeast Basics "love" necklace.  Love!

And it sort of started to warm up last week.  Enough to bare my ghostly white legs (which look paler than usual here).  Would you believe that I'm actually Greek?  Neither would I.
I really love the length of this skirt.  When I first put it on, the skirt just swallowed my 5'5" frame.  Then I added heels, and it magically looked alright.   And it's a super comfy knit to boot!

Kinsi, this shot's for you...
(Top: Target | Skirt: Gap (online sale) | Shoes: swap with a friend | Necklace: Grandmother's | Bracelet: gift)

On the way to Mass I grabbed this pic....driving to church alone with empty carseats.  Normally, I welcome a distraction free Mass, but this is how James and I have done Mass for the past few months.  Tag teaming it while one stays with sick kids and the other goes to church.  He would take the 7am Mass and I would hit the 9am.  A little sad to be solo yet again.

And this was today....
Warm enough for a skirt/dress, but not warm enough for a shorter one.  I'll take it!

(Dress: Old Navy online | Jacket: Forever 21 | Bracelets & Bubble watch: Target)

A girlfriend and I have season tickets to a local community theater here.  It's sort of a standing monthly date and this time I'm excited to be driving the mom-van without the kiddos to meet her.

Hooray for Mass as a complete and healthy family, an awesome homily, and time with a dear friend!  I hope spring has finally sprung in your neck of the woods and thanks to the gals over at Fine Linen And Purple for hosting this fun weekly link up!

I'm going through the mountain of pictures from our TX beach trip and hope to get some up this week. :)