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DIY Canvas Heart Art: In Which I Pretend I Can Paint

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First off - thank you for all your sweet comments on Liv's nursery!  It was truly a labor of love (and intense nesting).  Since it had to come together on a budget, it meant a lot of things in her room came second hand or were snagged from other areas of the house.  With all those hand-me-downs, I was itching to add something unique and special to her space.  So, I convinced myself that I had some suppressed artist somewhere in me and tried my hand at painting.
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art

There was actually a completely different water color attempt before this that we'll deem a semi-fail.  I'm still trying to salvage it but decided I would try a different approach for my do-over.  It turned out to be a really easy project that anyone can do - even the artistically uninclined.   Here's what you'll need....
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art
The kids have been begging for canvases to paint, so we grabbed two 11x14 2-packs from Hobby Lobby for $7.99/per pack, but on sale for 50% off.  The three big kids each got a canvas and Mama got to play with the fourth.

I wanted to create a colorful shape with some script, but I didn't want to have any hard lines or borders.  So, I grabbed a piece of construction paper and sketched out a heart.
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art

Since I can't draw even sides to save my life, I picked the half I liked best, folded the paper down the middle and cut along that half of the heart.
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art

Even Steven.  My heart was a little off-center on the construction paper, so I was sure to line it up with the center of the canvas.
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art

Once I was sure of the size/placement, I decided where I wanted my script.  I cut a straight line across the heart at that point and separated the two pieces leaving a gap wide enough for my font.  This left the shape of the heart a little off,   So, I trimmed it up a bit until the border appeared to form a continuous line.
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art

I then cut a strip of paper the same width as the gap and taped it all down to the canvas.
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art

Next I grabbed some water color paint and filled in the empty space inside the heart with dots.  Any pattern could work and it would also look great to fill in the entire space with watercolor.
"Isn't She Lovely" DIY canvas heart art

Once it dried, I removed the paper.  Parts of the heart's border looked a little wonky where I didn't take the dots all the way to the paper's edge, so I quickly added a few more dots until I achieved the right shape.

One more round of drying, then I used a pencil to very lightly sketch out my script.  When I was happy with the lettering, I took a gold Sharpie and went over the pencil.
After everything was dry we hung that lovely on the wall #seewhatIdidthere

Can you spot it in her room?

It was a such a special addition to this little corner of her nursery.

I'm still not sure if I want the text to be less of that subtle champagne color and more of a reflective gold.
If I change it up, I'll be sure to let you know #winkwink

Either way, I loved bringing in another item created just for this space and our sweet bambina.

Has anyone else tried their hand at water color?  Or any painting for that matter?  I figure if it looks like a 5-year old's work we can always chalk it up as "abstract" right?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to hang out!
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DIY: Scarf Turned Art

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I've stepped away from the computer a bit this week because my Mama is in town!  Which actually means that a lot is happening around here. After all, those organizing/projecting/DIY genes came from somewhere, right?!  In just one day we knocked three things off my list that I've been meaning to do forever.

This one was my favorite.  Such a simple "big bang for your buck" project.  And the best part was I already had all the supplies I needed right here at home.

I picked up this scarf at Target a couple weeks ago.  I was looking for color inspiration for the living/dining area that would work with our freshly painted navy accent wall.  I knew I wanted to bring in some more saturated colors and jewel tones (which James prefers over softer colors) and when I saw this there may or may not have been a crazy lady doing an embarrassing victory dance in the women's accessory section.  

I brought it home not knowing exactly how I would use it.  Maybe cover a pillow?  Tie it as a scarf around a moose head?  But then I remember these frames.  They were originally a set of four that displayed a Dr. Seuss quote in our breakfast nook. But two frames were damaged in the move, leaving me with just two intact. Perfect for a little art grouping.

The scarf was pretty sheer and needed something under it to hide the dark frame insert/backing.  I have a large white table cloth that I have cut pieces from for various projects in the past, and had plenty material left for these frames.  Sorry for the iphone pics here...
We just took the backing out of the frame, laid it on the white table cloth and cut around leaving about 2 inches of excess on all sides.

We hot glued the fabric to the backing and then trimmed off the extra fabric.  Then we laid the scarf over the frame until I had the right position/colors and did the same - a rough cut using the frame as a guide and leaving 1-2 inches of extra on all sides.

Then we placed the frame face down on the table (after I had cleaned it!), set the scarf on the inside on top of the glass, and placed the white covered backing over it.

I gently pulled the scarf fabric taught and secured the tabs into the frames.  

Easy peasy!

There was a perfect spot on the wall for them in the living room.  They immediately helped the two rooms feel more cohesive and warmed the place up.  In fact, I sort of like the drapes again now that we have some more color happening on those grey walls.
Scarf turned art

Scarf turned art

Scarf turned art

We've been working on a few more projects in these rooms, and my mom is also helping me finish up my office space - eek!!  So, we'll have plenty of house updates coming next week.

But first let's chat art.....what everyday items have you used to decorate your space?  Where do you find your color inspiration for a room?

Happy weekend, Friends! 

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Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!

7 Quick Takes

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Happy Friday!  Time to link up with Jen for our weekly 7 Quick Takes!

1. We did it.  We survived the first week of school!  Mia is absolutely loving it and my fears about her starting first grade are coming down from their DEFCON 1 levels.

Waking up early before the kids on the other hand....well, let's just say I don't love that nearly as much.  It hurts.  And my coffee pot is working overtime.  I did actually make it to bed by 9:30pm one day, so I'm hoping I can get in this new groove by maybe Christmas.

2.  Do we even want to mention the kitchen again??  I'm stuck on hardware.  How about I just show it to you on Tuesday whether it's done or not?  Otherwise it will be like 5 years outdated by the time I actually get to the big reveal.  Deal?  Deal.  Tuesday it is. Kitchen in all it's finished or unfinished glory!

3. Have you "met" Sheena over at Bean in Love yet?  We featured her twin girls adorable nursery awhile back and I have deemed us virtual bliggity blog buds, whether she knows it or not.  They just found out they are expecting a baby BOY - woot woot!!  I think I have about eight prego real life friends (not including ones I internet stalk) at the moment.  Is something in the water around your neck of the woods too?  Baby fever I tell ya!

4.  Some quotes..

Sully, mixing colors as he painted (with Mia at school and the wee one snoozing)...

Sully:  "Check out this color, Mama!"
Me:  "Oooh, nice!  Like a purple color." 
Sully: "Yeah.  Like a turquoise purple"

Jack and Sully playing with Mia's doll house stuff...

Jack: "Here Suwwy!  She goes to sleep!"
Sully: "No Jack!  That's the crib.  That's for the baby"
Jack: "But Suwwy, wook!"
Sully:  "Jack, you are a genius!"

On Monday as I was savoring my last morning to lounge in my pajamas...

Mia:  "Girl, you've gotta get it together."

Amen, Sister.

5.  Jen wrote a fantastic post on why her beloved Breaking Bad is good, edifying TV....aptly titled Why a show about meth dealers made me feel closer to God.  I won't do it justice so just hop over for the witty and thoughtful read yourself.  It's a quick one.

6.  I'm working on a post for next week about how I drastically purged my closet and now (try) to work with a minimal 30-piece wardrobe. It's got me so ready fall...the clothes, the cooler weather, the food, the smells.  Bring. It. On.

7.  After our fairly successful and not entirely traumatic experience with installing beadboard wallpaper, I've been open to trying wallpaper in other places.  Such irony since I can't even count the hours we've spent peeling bad wallpaper from this house.  But good wallpaper in small doses, like in a closet or accent wall, is a different story.  Right??  Occasionally, I hop over to check Anthro's online sales and stumbled on this Birds of Paradise Mural:

I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I sort of love it.  The close up pictures show the gorgeous colors on that grey/white backdrop even better.  I think it would be a cool focal wall for a big girl room or I'm even thinking a focal wall in our living or dining room.  What do you think?  Too much or really awesome?

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

A Special Place For A Special Piece

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My children's great grandmother works with wheat.  I'm not talking about grinding it down and making bread from scratch with it......she twists and manipulates it into unbelievable creations.  She has made a cross from wheat for each of our children when they were born. 

She beautifully matted and framed this one for the boys:

The detail just blows my mind...

The cross she made for our daughter came with a mounting hook on the back.  We had it hanging near her bed but felt it needed a more prominent casing for such a special piece.  So here's what I started with....

-My daughter's beautiful cross
-A piece of scrapbook paper from my stash
-A small shadow box from Michael's

The detail on this cross is pretty amazing too..

First I took the back off the shadow box and cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to size.

The shadow box came with a sticky piece to attach whatever you are displaying, so I just used that to adhere the paper

I used a dab of hot glue at each corner of the cross to secure it to the paper and reassembled the box. Done!

It was a super easy little project that gave a much more appropriate home for such a special piece.

Now for where to put it...hhhmmmm