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Office/Guest Room Plan and Inspiration!

Deme CrinionComment
I would like to introduce you to our guest room!  It's a decent size but as many of you can relate, it needs to serve multiple functions: office/craft room/guest space.  We have not laid a design finger to the space yet, so it is truly a blank slate.

The queen size bed takes up a LOT of room, but with some recent furniture shifting which I explained here, it's movin on out!   

The giant bed was defining the primary function of this space as a guest room....with a desk smooshed against the wall and a closet about to burst with profession resources, home office, and craft/sewing supplies to serve our daily needs of work and home management.

But we're going to change that!  The goal for this room is to serve as a functional and inspirational workspace for both me and the hubs.   It will still need to accommodate overnight guests but since they are the exception and work is the norm, it's time for a space that really "works" for us!  And with the giant bed gone, we'll have much more room to make that happen!

Speaking of giant bed gone, here's the space without it...

I realized I was using the under-the-bed space as an additional "closet" to store my wrapping paper, a couple of floating shelves, a box with future project supplies, and a couple of large frames.  Yikes!

And I now have a giant pile of stripped bedding to contend with as well...

So it's time to get this engine started! 

All of the queen size bedding will move to the linen closet.  The kid's bedding (currently in the linen closet) will move to their respective rooms.  

Then, the first step to giving this room an instant lift (besides removing those dark wooden plate covers) is a fresh coat of paint!  I have an extra can of paint in a medium grey with blue undertones (Valspar's Notre Dame) that should set a nice backdrop for all the colors we'll be bringing in through fabric, accessories, and supplies. 

I had originally planned on a soothing color scheme of white/grey/yellow for guests in here, but since we are switching from 'soothing' to 'energizing', all the fabric and accessories that I've acquired in that scheme will go to the master bedroom (which we are also reclaiming!).  There will be a much more vibrant, fresh color palate at play in here!

These are two of my favorites:

And this aqua color will have to be somewhere in the mix because it just makes my heart happy..

I would say the top priority for this space is absolutely STORAGE!  The closet needs better organization but we also need some of our most frequently used things more accessible.  I've had my storage eye on these babies for quite awhile:

Here's a run down of what else we have planned for the space:

-Individual and personalized work stations
-Improved filing system
-Space for sewing
-Gift wrapping station
-Bookshelves for James' work and football/coaching resources
-Comfortable place to sit with a cup of coffee and read
-Craft/fabric organization
-Photo/album organization
-Inspiration Board
-Whiteboards for calendar and notes (I live by lists!)
-Window treatments

I have not decided if I want to create some concealed storage for toys so the kids can play while we work, but something tells me it might be a good idea. 

All this is a tall order for one room and it needs to come in on a low budget.  So we'll be shopping our house, scouring for bargains and making good use of some raw materials in our garage.  I'm sure this list will grow and change as we jump in...and we can't wait!