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Creating New Traditions (and a Black Friday Sale!)

Deme CrinionComment

We moved into our current home just over one year ago.  I can't believe it's been that long and in the same breath feel like we just got here.  While we're new to this home, we're no strangers to living miles away from our family.  That can feel especially hard during the holidays (I feel like I battle an annual homesickness every December) but it's also given us the opportunity to create new traditions for our family.  

Since we know that many of our friends here spend the actual holiday with their families, we've tried to create some more "untraditional" traditions that fall just around the actual day.  

This will be our second year hosting our Day After Thanksgiving Leftover Potluck.  Basically neighbors and friends come bringing any leftovers they wish to share (or get rid of) and we have a second round of food, games, and good company without all the fuss.  We usually have an extra ham bone from the day before, so James makes a big batch of collared greens and black eyed peas with it.  It's a fun way to use up that bone and make sure we have enough food if the leftovers are sparse. 

thanksgiving traditions

It's sort of like a low-key friendsgiving and we really love being able to extend that spirit of gratitude onto our friends that are like family to us. 

thanksgiving traditions

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you're enjoying a relaxing day after!   Do you have any unconventional or favorite traditions around this holiday? In a couple weeks, I'll be getting ready for what's quite possibly become my most favorite new holiday tradition - our Holiday Mom's Night In!  SO fun (and easy!) and I can't wait to share the details on that one here soon! 

If you're shopping the Black Friday sales from the comfort of your couch, hop on over and check out our shop!  Everything is 15% off now through Monday!  We'll have another coupon code for extra savings on top of that for Small Business Saturday tomorrow.  

In gearing up for the sale we restocked our regular inventory and opened up 10 spots for custom orders.  Those can be used to purchase a rosary that's already sold out or to create one all your own.

And we added a few festive garlands to the shop!  Here's a peak...

This two-tone red and gold number might be my favorite.  Classic but festive with the addition of those gold wood beads.

There's one in wintery shades of green and silver too...

I couldn't resist creating this colorful number.  It's festive for Christmas and beyond with those jewel-toned hues.

I seem to have a difficult time finding Advent decor that doesn't seem totally out of place with my Christmas decor.  Adding the gold spacer beads to this purple and pink garland gave these shades of Advent a merry vibe. 

Happy shopping and THANK YOU for all the love and support you have shown our family over the years!!  This is such a treasured space for me and you all mean so much to us!