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Dusting Off The Blog and Some Big News!

Deme Crinion8 Comments

Hey, look!  This thing still works!  

I came in with my virtual Swiffer ready to dust this place off after a "short hiatus" and realized it's been 5 MONTHS since my last post.  How did that happen?!?! I think that should win some sort of Slacker Blogger award, or at least an honorable mention.

Even though it's been quiet around here for a loooong time, a lot has happened in our neck of the woods! Not so much in the way of house projects (we're just starting to gear back up with those!) but more...well, life. 

pool walks

I had such great plans for the blog and around the house this summer, but quickly realized that I would be sacrificing precious time with these growing kiddos if I attempted to squeeze it all in.  Funny how this happens e-v-e-r-y summer.  I'm finally noting the memo and going into future summers knowing that it will probably be a time to push pause on blogging and projects.

summer forts

With my little hiatus, I had plenty of time to think about the direction of the blog. Because, of course. It's what I do.  I analyze, and over-analyze, and analyze some more.  But the truth is I've felt stuck in a blogging rut for awhile now.  I've always teetered the line between a DIY blog and a faith/family/mom blog. I've looked around at what other DIY blogs have done, and I've looked a faith-based mom blogs and lifestyle blogs that cover a bit of everything. 

I've always worried that if I shifted my focus, I would lose my readership who found me because of the house projects we like to tackle.  But fear never got anyone very far, did it? People change and the things they are called to change. It's natural for blogs to evolve along with that.  The way some blogs have evolved as they've grown didn't feel authentic for us, so I finally stopped looking around for some sort of universal formula and just asked God what He had in mind.

He answered with a totally new endeavor that has only been a faint "someday" hope in the back of my mind.  The mission of this new project, helped me edit the focus of the blog so one can support the other.  The blog's focus is not a huge departure from where we've been, but more of a shift in weight.  Permission to write more about family, beauty, faith, simple living, momming...things I love talking about with all of you!  I feel so excited and relieved.  As a DIY blog, the pressure to complete projects at a pace that made my family want to kill me, was a huge stress.   

For those that like our home project posts - they aren't going anywhere! We just aren't able to churn them out at the rapid rate.  So, they'll be more of a subcategory than the main star...and hopefully we can dive more into the thought behind creating home and not just the how-to's and pretty room shots.

So! The quick recap of the past few months.....I spent the summer with my kids, have a clear vision for how to go forward with the blog, and finally stepped out in a dream I've had tucked away for a long time.  I cannot WAIT to share it with you!  It's all happening on the blog next week, but in the meantime you can catch some sneak peaks over on Instagram.  

Dining room chalkboard wall

How about you?  How was your summer?  Have you transitioned into the fall/school routine?  Is your weather still as confused about what season it is as Ohio seems to be??