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Well, how's that for an impeccably timed blog silence?  

"Hey!  Check out our new site!!"  



A lot has happened during the past couple months and man.....lets just catch up shall we?  Great!

Two weeks ago we loaded our crew into the swagger wagon and hit the road for a family TX reunion over spring break.  But not before we dropped a "For Sale" sign in the front yard on our way out of town.

12 hours into our drive we got a call from our realtor saying we had an offer on the house.  Then a few hours later, another offer.  Within 24 hours of listing the house we were under contract. What the what?!?! 

Wait.  You're moving?  Why?  Where?? Didn't you just get there??  


Here's the thing about moving to a new, unfamiliar city.  You do your best to figure out what part of town to live given your work/school/interests.  But until you actually live in a place, you really don't know.  

James talked with co-workers in the area, we peppered our realtor with questions, and we did all sorts of Googling before our move to Ohio. We saw as much as we could in the 24 hours we had to house hunt and chose the place we thought would serve us best. 

And truth be told, the place we chose is amazing.  The location is amazing.  Our neighbors are amazing. God was so faithful and generous in providing us this home.

Not to mention, we brought the sweetest babe home here. 

So, why leave? Well, because we spend the majority of our time about 20 minutes from our hood.

We ended up pulling the kids from the first school we chose, spent a short stint homeschooling, and have finally landed in a school and church community that we love.  One that we really want to invest in.  And we're having a hard time doing that without some serious strain on our time and budget.  

It takes me about 20 min (one way) to get to the kids' school...sometimes less if you hit the magic phenom of all green lights and more if you hit the wall of morning traffic.  If it's a day where Jack has half day preschool and we have an after-school event, then we can make that drive 4 times a day between all the drop-offs and pick-ups. 

The time in the car (and the gas fill ups) took their toll and as spring approached in a market primed for sellers, we decided to put our home up for sale.  The dream is to be walking distance to our school and church, but homes in that area rarely stay on the market more than a week.  Some don't ever hit the market, but go by word of mouth.  You have to be able to act fast and we wanted to be in a position to do that.  

Well, it turns out our neighborhood is moving pretty fast these days too!  So, now we find ourselves in the position to find a new home and quick, otherwise we'll be bunking up in a friend's basement or a Motel 6 for awhile.  

Inventory is still really low in the area we're looking, but we're hoping more things will come on the market as the weather warms up.  It's tempting to rush and jump on the first thing that pops up, but we really don't want to move again for a very long time.  It's hard to be picky and keep the big picture in mind when you're facing "homeless" status.  

But hey.  While a few months in transition wouldn't be a party, it's also not so bad in the big scheme of things.  All the homes in the surrounding area are in older established neighborhoods and there's a good chance whatever we find is going to need a little TLC.  It would certainly be easier to knock out some projects before all our boxes and minions hit the deck.  That's what I'm telling myself anyway as I try not to freak out.

And that's what we've been up to for the past few months.  Painting, purging, scrubbing, and staging. We knocked out a crazy project list in order to get the house on the market before we left for our trip (hallelujah to being far, far away for house showings!), so I have a lot to show you around the abode.  

The close of our house sale, the hunt for a new one, and all the packing in between are happening during the last weeks of school - "busy" doesn't even begin to touch it.  I was starting to feel things spinning a little out of control when I remembered that I've already helped myself out on this one.  A couple years back I did a 31 days of moving series born out of our crazy cross country move #handy. Tomorrow I'm going to print myself a fresh moving binder and make some lists over a cup of coffee.  I'm excited to crack open the archives on this one and add some new topics and tips as we go through our in-town move.

Thanks for all of your sweet notes checking in on us to make sure everything was OK.  We've just had our noses to the grindstone and are finally coming up for a bit of air while we wait for the right home to pop up.