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Our Family Christmas Tree

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The first year we moved to Ohio we found the sweetest Christmas tree farm [Spring Valley Tree Farm] and cut down our own tree.  It's been a Christmas tradition we look forward to ever since.  

The farm has a few precut trees, but we usually channel our inner Paul Bunyan and scour the rows of planted trees to cut down our own.  It adds to the fun (and discomfort) and the tree usually doesn't dry out as quickly.  

hunting for a Christmas tree!

The owners are so nice - not only do they shake, bag, and load your tree on your car, they serve cookies and hot cocoa in their little red shack.  

We found this year's winner pretty quickly and Jack was determined to haul it to the front himself.  

Let no one say this child lacks fortitude.  Or facial expression.

The kids wanted to do the decorating themselves, and for the first time, I really stepped back and let them drive the show.  Even though there's at least 20 counting dinos buried in the branches, they did an amazing job!  With necessary water breaks of course.

Family Christmas tree
Family Christmas tree
Family Christmas tree
Family Christmas tree
Family Christmas tree with Santa clothespins

Pulling out our favorite ornaments from years past is the best part about decorating the tree.  I love how they tell our story (and it's only just begun!).  Do I sometimes wish for a pretty, themed tree?  Yes.  And maybe one year I'll get a small second tree for just that, but this one will always steal the show.  In all her perfectly imperfect glory.  

Family Christmas tree

We're not going to have a full blown holiday house tour this year since we're fresh off a move, but we'll be back next week to show you the small ways we're bringing the holidays into this home for the first time.  Have a wonderful weekend!