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One Room Challenge Week 5: To Stain or To Paint?

Deme Crinion3 Comments

It's time for the week 5 update on our One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home!  And given the state of our den turned mudroom, I must be in the state of denial.  

I am a procrastinator to the core (one of the reasons I jumped in on the challenge in the first place!) and in true form, I've left far too much on the to-do list for this final week.....and yet, I still have hope that our space will be looking worlds better than when we started by next Thursday.  Maybe not done (we have at least two main pieces that haven't arrived yet) but so much further along had we not taken on the challenge of making over this space in just 6 weeks.  

Last week we finally checked a huge item off our to-do list with this laundry platform.

Our contractor friend busted this out in a couple hours last Saturday and it's amazing.  I've already done a couple of loads and between not having to bend down to load/unload the machines and actually having the doors open away from each other, laundry is almost a semi-enjoyable task. #letsnotpushit

I planned to paint both the lockers and platform white, but the grain on the birch sheathing he used to wrap the platform is so pretty, I'm considering a light stain or even just sealing it with a clear poly.  It would certainly add a nice warm natural element to the room, but my hesitation is with all the nail holes and cracks that need to be filled - how visible will they be with a stain? 

And then there's the visible info printed on the edges....  

I might be able to sand it down enough to get it off, but at this point I'm still leaning towards white paint. I basically have a day to decide because I'm hoping James will let me lock myself in this room over the weekend to knock out whatever projects I don't finish over the next couple days. 

I also can't seem to make a decision about the hooks for the lockers.  Which is odd, because hardware is one of my favorite design elements.  I either haven't found the right one yet or am just scared that I'll regret not going with a style and finish that's more timeless.  The ticking clock will force my hand, and sometimes I need that kind of pressure to make a decision and move forward. 

I was beating myself up a little this week about our lack of progress.  More specifically my lack of discipline. I started this challenge because we had so many different rooms in a half done state driving us bonkers.  And as soon as I chose the mudroom (the room that needed the most attention), I started busting out projects in every other room but that one.  Why??

I purposely scheduled the work our contractor was doing at the beginning and figured I would simply work on other areas of the house to stay productive while he did his thang.  But then his schedule kept getting pushed back and instead of adjusting to what I could accomplish in the mudroom in the meantime, I kept busy with those other projects.

Honestly, I think I got a little gun shy. I put way too much pressure on myself for things to be great.  I have a vision that I want to see come to life and want the "after" to be just right.  I have always had trouble narrowing down the details for my own spaces.  Yes, we can always change things and nothing is permanent, but all those things do cost time and money.  We work on a budget and try to save for our projects in advance, so I don't want to waste those investments.   

I just have to remember that no space is perfect, rooms constantly evolve to changing needs, and it can still be amazing on a budget.  All that we do will be an improvement from where we started. It's really about coming back to the spirit of the challenge: to encourage one another to work on finishing a room from start to finish. It's ok to get sidetracked.  It's ok to not be completely finished by the end.  It's just an opportunity to focus our efforts on one space and encourage each other in the process. 

So tell me.....what rooms in your home are giving you the most trouble?  Is it function or bringing together the design that's the hardest?  How do you get past indecision in the middle of a project?  

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