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One Room Challenge Week 6: Not Quite There

Deme Crinion2 Comments

While we made huge progress on our den turned mudroom space for the One Room Challenge this week, but the big reveal is not quite ready #wompwomp 

There were plenty of DIY's in this room but the contractor helping us out on a few things has been slammed with work.  He's been generous enough to fit us in after hours on this project, but of course, there's always the hiccups....

-What we thought was an easy electrical fix was not so simple.

-The water hookups on the washer were installed backwards hot/cold and cold/hot.....which earned us a nice error message along the lines of "thanks, but I'm not actually going to wash these clothes until you fix it" love note from our washer.  Kind of a big deal in a house where 6 people are generating dirty clothes by the minute.  

-The dryer vent was not connected properly or was damaged when we reinstalled the dryer on the platform.  Not sure exactly what's going on, but the room has basically been a steamy scene from the Titanic movie (minus Leo and Kate) whenever we dry clothes. Fun.

-All that humidity generating means the remaining painting was also put on hold.  Again.

So is there any good news?  YES!   All these issues should be resolved/corrected/finished by the end of the week.

And we did manage to finish the floors before everything else in the room went awry.   We bid a not-so-fond farewell to the last bit of avocado green 


And remember that "should we stain or paint dilemma" for the platform?  We went with paint.  There were so many little nail holes and seams to fill that would have been really noticeable with a stain.  We have plenty of other natural elements in the final room design that painting the platform was a good choice, and the white paint mimics the white lockers on the other side of the room.  

This space is all about function and leaves limited space for art/accessories.  Which means what we do bring in needs to be well thought out and edited.   I'm excited about what we landed on and can't wait to see those accessories bring the space to life!

Even though this is looking to be more like a 7 week ORC for us, I'm so glad we jumped in on the challenge to get this space finished! If we hadn't, I know it would still be wallowing in it's sad state waiting for someone to give it some love.  Can't wait to share the full transformation with you soon!  If you need to catch up, here ya go:

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In the meantime, I'm absolutely blown away by all rooms that were shared in the final link-up! Not to mentioned the featured designer's spaces.  There some serious eye-candy happening over at Linda's who has so generously hosted this event.  So, hop over and be sure to have your Pinning fingers ready!