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One Room Challenge: The Mudroom Week 1 - A Plan(ish)

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I know we just talked about picking a color for the master bedroom......

and how we're abandoning the play/homework room idea for a more traditional dining room....

and how we have a load of dark paneling begging for paint in the family room....

and I don't think I've mentioned it, but my pantry is a disaster, the garage still has unpacked boxes, and the toilet tank in our hall bath just cracked.  #movingjoys

Jumping in on the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home may sound crazy with all we have going on.......or it might be just the thing to keep my spaghetti project brain focused on actually completing a room.  

I love the idea of tackling a room from start to finish before moving onto the next, but time and resources don't always allow for that.  In our season of life with 4 young kids, hopping from room to room knocking out little projects as we can has been our game for a long time.  But I love the spirit of the One Room Challenge and the camaraderie as fellow gluttons for punishment encourage each other to complete their one space in just 6 weeks.  

With James traveling for work off and on throughout October, I thought why not?  It will certainly give me something to work on while he's gone and so far we've been jumping all over the place as we work on the house.  It would feel really good to have at least one finished space. But which one?  We basically have an entire house to choose from.  Ultimately, I went with the one that's causing us the most grief:  the laundry/mudroom.

This is supposed to be the hardest working room in the house, but in it's unfinished state it's more like the rebellious child of the house.  

Without hooks or baskets in the lockers, the kids stuff piles up on their lone bench seat (or under it); the laundry on deck sits in a huge pile in the middle of the floor and walkway; the washer and dryer are pulled away from the wall and into the room because I still need to paint the walls and patch the floors from the old closet footprint.....which also needs to happen before I can finish the floors.  Basically we've created an obstacle course as part of our morning routine and it's driving us all batty.  

You can see how we took the original den and laundry closet to it's current status in this post here.   She's far from finished but so close to being the hero of the house.  Here are a few ideas we're loving for this space....

The floors in this mudroom by Studio McGee are what inspired our flooring choice.

We definitely need a counter over the washer/dryer and I love this waterfall beauty in Vintage Revivals' Laundry Room.  

We were able to salvage a couple of cabinets when we opened up the kitchen wall and hope to reuse them with a hanging rod mounted between them.  Something like this from Twelve On Main (a previous ORC Room!)

Then, of course the lockers.  I was sold on white, but then I came across this laundry room by Kate Marker Interiors and just like that, I'm back to undecided.  

That nail-biter will be resolved later. First up is getting the floor patched so we can finish installing the new flooring and finally get those walls painted.  

I almost chose our master bedroom for this challenge, but we really just need to paint the walls and hang art to call that space done (we did finally choose a color!!).  I'm hoping to knock that out while I hand off the floor patching in the laundry room to more capable hands.  I'll be posting updates on our ORC progress on Thursdays, so stay tuned!  And you can check out all the ORC participants right here. Thanks for hosting, Linda!