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Choosing A Paint Color For The Master Bedroom - Help!

Deme Crinion4 Comments

Why is it so dang hard to pick things for your own house??  I have no problem helping other people make decisions in their homes, but mine?  Long....painful....drawn out....way more dramatic than it ever should be.

I do have a general idea of what I want to do in our master bedroom (I think), but I'm having a hard time narrowing down the wall color.  Here are a few shots of the room in all her untouched glory......

The view from the bedroom door as you enter the room.  That cream door is our closet

That door to the left of the cabinet is the master bathroom.  The light blue that's currently on the walls is actually sort of great.  This was the only room in the house that had a color on the walls.  Everything else was painted very neutral in the taupe/tan/brown family.  If our headboard weren't such a bold blue color and we didn't already have so much light paint throughout the rest of the house, I would probably keep the current color, because it really is lovely. 


I'm looking for something a little warmer and darker for this space.  I love a moody paint color for the bedroom, and this room gets plenty of natural light to where it won't feel like a cave.  But I also want the headboard, which is quite dark, to stand out too.  Along with the blue, we have green and blush accent colors to incorporate into the space so I thought a warm medium grey would be a good backdrop for all those colors.  So would white, but my roomie is not crazy about that idea.

So, I'm polling the audience!  You guys always have great feedback and sometimes you just need a fresh set of unattached eyes when things are feeling overly complicated.  Here are the contenders...

A few tips for using paint samples....

-If you have samples that are similar hues, make sure you find a simple way to keep track of which color is which...otherwise, it can be tricky to figure out what swatch matches which sample based on the small dot on the sample lid.  You can write it down, number them, or here, I put them up in alphabetical paint name order.  And I did the same order on all the walls.

-That's the next one - put samples on every wall.  Different walls get different light throughout the day.  You may love a color at one angle but it may feel too washed out in the sunlight or too dark in an unlit area.  Putting the color on every wall will give you the best idea of what it will look like surrounding the room.

-Put a big enough sample on the wall so that you can really visualize the color in the room.  I'm usually ok with just the color on the paint swatch but here I really needed a bigger sample to visualize how the wall color and headboard would work together.  

-Wait at least 24 hours so that you can see the color in both daylight and at night.  

-If you still can't figure out a winner, sometimes process of elimination helps.  First, rule out the colors that are a definite "No".  Sometimes just taking the the choice from 5 down to 3 can make the decision more clear. 

Olivia's already casting her vote!  What would you choose?