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One Room Challenge Week 4: When The Calvary Builds You A Laundry Platform

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I really didn't think I would have a single update to share with you on our One Room Challenge space this week aside from the desk doubling as a folding table I picked up (that remains disassembled in the cardboard box), and I'm honestly a little embarrassed about why this post is coming at you a few days late #oops.

Last Sunday we celebrated our two September birthday kids and our good friends kids' fall birthdays with a small party at Michelle Warnky's gym up in Columbus, OH.  Our kids are all die-hard America Ninja Warrior fans and they were beyond thrilled to have the gym all to themselves for a couple hours.  And because the 4 of us adults are kids at heart, we were just as excited to play on the gym's obstacles.  

Which would have been amazing except for the small fact that I am not 20 years old anymore.  It had been almost 15 years since I've done any obstacle training and let's just say that my almost 40 year old body let me know that it didn't appreciate being treated in such a manner. I'm talking sore for days.

Yesterday was the first day I was able to lift a paint brush without a grimace.  Thankfully, our contractor finally caught a break in his schedule and swooped in to help us with our washer/dryer platform and counter today too.  I'll have a post later this week with more details on how this came together, but for now, I'm just so thrilled that this situation.... now this situation....

laundry platform

There is so much I love about what's happening here.  Not only are the washer and dryer raised up so that our backs aren't poor achin' backs, but the hookups were long enough that we could switch the positions of the units.  Before the washer was on the right/dryer on the left...which meant the doors opened into each other, making transferring a load of laundry an obstacle in itself.  

It's also incredibly helpful to actually have the units in their permanent place.  They've been pulled away from the wall as far as they could go without putting strain on the hookups due to the large section of flooring that needed to be patched from the old closet.  It was challenging to visualize how much space I actually had to work with until the units were put back.  

I can finally see how some of those uncertain finishing details like art and wall treatments might play out now too.  We had a slow start to this room, so now it's time to turn it up - only two weeks left until reveal week!  We still have lighting to address, hooks to mount, furniture to assemble, and paint.  Lots and lots of paint.  

Be sure to check out how the other participant's rooms are coming along and here's hoping you're having a great weekend!

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