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One Room Challenge Week 3: Road blocks and Plan B's

Deme Crinion1 Comment

I can't believe it's the third week of the One Room Challenge and our laundry/mudroom still isn't looking a whole lot different that when we started.  (You can catch our intro post here and see the design direction from last week's update right here).  

The beginning is where a lot of the kinks and decisions are worked out, so I'm not totally freaking out.  Yet.  We also got some of the key pieces for the room ordered from our mood board below, and I'm excited that major progress is in store for the coming weeks!  

eclectic mudroom

So what happened over the past week?  Pow-wows over road blocks.  The best laid plans are often rudely interrupted by our homes existing structure.  Like that sneaky hidden vent right in the middle of the wall we wanted to open up in our living room. 

My plan was to build a simple waterfall counter from wood (similar to this) over the washer and dryer.  What I failed to notice is that all our plumbing fixtures are higher that the tops of the w/d. You can even see the hookups above all the junk currently camped out on top of the units. #wompwomp

They're high enough that we couldn't hide them under the counter.  It also meant we wouldn't be able to take the counter top all the way back to the wall because of the hanging waterlines and cords. Which not only isn't the most aesthetically pleasing option, but also means all our socks would continue to fall behind the washer and dryer to be lost forever and ever.  

That left us with two options:  move the hook ups lower on the wall or somehow raise up the washer and dryer units.  I would love to have moved the hook-ups, but we just had a crew switch those bad boys around when we opened up the adjoined closet and the dry wall is brand new (#lessonslearned).  Cutting it open to move them down just didn't seem worth the time, hassle, and $$$.  

Since I married a dude that walks 6'4" tall, building a platform to raise the units higher than the hook-ups seemed not only more cost effective, but also beneficial to the taller members of the family.  The waterfall counter is still in the plans, but it will cover the washer and dryer that will be sitting on a raised platform.

While we worked out the details for the new plan, I started caulking and filling the gaps in the wall of lockers to ready them for paint. 

 I'm hoping that wall will look a whole lot different for next week's update!  You can hop over to Linda's to see how the rest of the participants are faring this week!