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Welcome to House For Six!

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Hey Guys!  It's finally here!!

Our House For Five blog has been begging for an update for awhile now.  Mostly due to a certain little lady who joined our clan last year making us a house for six.  Yes, it's been a YEAR.  I can't even believe it....but that's a sappy mom dump for another day.  A year later our blog name is finally accurate and it's sporting a fresh new look!

We so appreciate your patience as we made the switch to a new platform and worked to make this site feel more like us.   I've been itching for a blog refresh for a looooong time, but I'm so glad I waited to take Lauren's course first.  With that resource, I think we landed on something far more intentional and opposed to attacking this in my typical "Google how to do things till they look OK" way.  I hope you find it a lot more user friendly too. 

We're still working out a few kinks on the back end of the site.  Hopefully the old blog will automatically redirect you here by the end of the weekend, and I'm continuing to torture myself with techy web things as we add images and updates to the rest of the site.  I'm still having some issues with the picture files, so the galleries are missing thumbnail pics.....although, I did get the images fixed for the dessert page #priorities

We're sporting a new look as House For Six but we're not reinventing the wheel.  You'll find all of the old content from House For Five here, and our purpose remains the same - we still love the work of making home for our family.  And we still love sharing that process with you.  

As I was working on the Home Tour page I realized that I don't have a single "after" shot of any rooms in this new house except for my office turned Liv's nursery.  But the house also looks so different from the day we moved in.  Next week we'll be celebrating progress and taking a look at our house in it's current state (2 years later).  We'll also chat house and blog plans for the coming year.  

In the meantime, I hope you have fun checking out the new e-digs and enjoy the long weekend!