House For Six

Hey there!  I'm Deme (pronounced with two long e's) and I'm so glad you're here!  My crew is too.  

Hang on, they'll get it together....

OK, there.  

Yes, this is from Christmas. We're a little behind on the non-holiday family photo.  This gang makes up our house for six and one of the the things we most love doing is making home for them.

Ever since I was a little girl I've loved anything and everything related to home.  My mom worked as a bookkeeper for an interior designer and I loved pouring over the discontinued books of wallpaper samples she lugged home.  I would dream up how to use them and design rooms in my head around those pretty sheets.  My parents slowly turned my childhood home into a place that suited our family - both in function and style.  They did it with hard work, some help from friends (even football players), and over the span of our childhood years.  They passed on a DIY house tweaking bug that I just can't shake.  

I'm still a home body to the core and think that our homes should be the best place on earth.  Not perfect.  Not magazine worthy.  Just the place we all want to rally and rest and enjoy at the end of the day.  James and I have added a few kids to the mix since we tied the knot in 2006, so not only do we work towards a home that speaks our language, but a home that works hard for us.  If something isn't working or driving us nuts (like this coat closet), we've learned to stop worrying about future buyers or hypothetical situations that aren't realities and freely switch things up to make our home work for our family.  

Over the years we've also felt a pull towards a more simple life.  And by pull, I mean the hairs I've pulled from my head in an overwhelmed state at the condition of our home.  So much stuff, so much stress trying to manage it all.  As we've tried to curate a home filled with only the things we really need, use, and love, we've felt the burden lighten.  And isn't that the kicker?  Our homes are gifts.  And when they feel like burdens we can forget their blessing. We're still just beginning in this venture and have plenty of clutter zones and moving boxes to go through.  Moving boxes from 2 years ago #theshame.

I'm not a designer, or a chef, or a fashionista.  I don't think you need to be any of those things to bring your own style into your home or to create a place that works hard for your family.  Even when it's covered in Lego's.  

So that's what we chat about here!  The easy and budget-friendly ways we're making this home our own, organization/systems that help keep us sane in a whirlwind of family activities, and how we we're working towards gratitude in a simpler life.

To read more about our recent whirlwind move from Albuquerque, NM to Dayton, OH click here.  You can catch a tour of both homes in various states of "doneness" on the Home Tour page, and don't forget to check out the project gallery for lots of tutorials, ideas, and inspiration.