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One Room Challenge Week 3: Road blocks and Plan B's

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I can't believe it's the third week of the One Room Challenge and our laundry/mudroom still isn't looking a whole lot different that when we started.  (You can catch our intro post here and see the design direction from last week's update right here).  

The beginning is where a lot of the kinks and decisions are worked out, so I'm not totally freaking out.  Yet.  We also got some of the key pieces for the room ordered and I'm excited that major progress is in store for the coming weeks!  

So what happened over the past week?  Pow-wows over road blocks.  The best laid plans are often rudely interrupted by our homes existing structure.  Like that sneaky hidden vent right in the middle of the wall we wanted to open up in our living room. 

My plan was to build a simple waterfall counter from wood (similar to this) over the washer and dryer.  What I failed to notice is that all our plumbing fixtures are higher that the tops of the w/d. You can even see the hookups above all the junk currently camped out on top of the units. #wompwomp

They're high enough that we couldn't hide them under the counter.  It also meant we wouldn't be able to take the counter top all the way back to the wall because of the hanging waterlines and cords. Which not only isn't the most aesthetically pleasing option, but also means all our socks would continue to fall behind the washer and dryer to be lost forever and ever.  

That left us with two options:  move the hook ups lower on the wall or somehow raise up the washer and dryer units.  I would love to have moved the hook-ups, but we just had a crew switch those bad boys around when we opened up the adjoined closet and the dry wall is brand new (#lessonslearned).  Cutting it open to move them down just didn't seem worth the time, hassle, and $$$.  

Since I married a dude that walks 6'4" tall, building a platform to raise the units higher than the hook-ups seemed not only more cost effective, but also beneficial to the taller members of the family.  The waterfall counter is still in the plans, but it will cover the washer and dryer that will be sitting on a raised platform.

While we worked out the details for the new plan, I started caulking and filling the gaps in the wall of lockers to ready them for paint. 

 I'm hoping that wall will look a whole lot different for next week's update!  You can hop over to Linda's to see how the rest of the participants are faring this week!  

*Did you see that Bean In Love Studio is hosting a fab giveaway!  If you're in need of some pillow covers to spruce up your space, hop over here to enter and grab a coupon code for her amazing shop!

Pillows: The Cherry On Top...and A Giveaway!!

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It was so fun to hear your inputs on the paint color for our master bedroom - thanks to all of you that chimed in!  

Interestingly, most of you who saw the swatches on the blog liked the darkest option on the left, and most of you weighing in on Instagram liked the lighter shade on the far right.  Which happened to be the two colors we liked most!  

It made me wonder if the color in the pic looked different on the blog vs. the gram.  When I took a peek I could definitely see some variance in the shades between the two pictures.  Since we're the only ones that could see it in person, ultimately we had to go with our guts.  Of the two colors, James liked the darker one best, so that's what we rolled with....Dark Pewter by Behr.

And oh my gosh is it scrumptious.  It's such a warm shade of grey but not dirty.  It doesn't read dark at all during the day and at night it feels like the room is wrapped in a cozy blanket.  

I still have one more wall to paint before we can officially cross this off our to-do list, but we at least have our bed wall done and put back together.  

I've always struggled with dressing our bed.  We are very opposite sleepers - he sleeps warm, I want all the layers.  He's also not a fan of barrels of accent pillows.  

Him: "Why???"  

Me:  "Because...pretty."  


But I like to keep the peace around here, so I went looking for something simple that would make a big statement (and not require a huge production to remove/put back).  That's where my friend Sheena came to the rescue!  She's a mama to 4 adorable littles (including a sweet set of twins!) and has long blogged over at Bean In Love.  She recently opened a shop selling the most amazing pillow covers and had so many great fabrics! 

I was instantly drawn to the vibrant green of the swaying palms print and knew that James would approve - green is his favorite color and the print didn't scream 'girly bedroom'.  It's perfect for our confused fall weather that seems to think it is actually summer and I can't wait to work in some warmer layers as the weather cools down. Forgive the cloudy day pics....

Master bedroom with grey walls

I'm so impressed with the quality of her fabrics and craftsmanship.  So many great options, from what's currently trending to neutral classics. I ended up grabbing two great pillow covers (The Baroda Square pattern) for our boys' room too  (i.e. the room we painted and then promptly ran out of steam).  These small lumbars have me excited to finish up their space.  Like our master, it really just needs the finishing touches to get it to done.

But enough about my house, let's talk about yours...because one of you lucky ducks is going to take home your own 18x18 pillow cover from Bean In Love Studio!! 

Master bedroom.... and pillow giveaway

To enter the giveaway hop over to Sheena's shop and then come leave us a note in the comments of this post telling us which cover is striking your fancy.  The giveaway will remain open until next Wednesday (Oct 26th) when the winner will be picked at random, announced here, and notified via email.  

But really, everybody wins because Sheena is also offering all House For Six readers 15% off their purchase! Just use code houseforsix15 at checkout.  I have my eye on the Spotted Animal Print covers and this gorgeous blue ikat number for our living spaces.  

Good luck!!  I'm off to paint ;)


DIY Mummy Candy Bin

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I was attempting to plow through some boxes in the garage last week and finally uncovered our fall bin.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see this guy's googly eyes staring at me when I opened the lid.  Last year I had no budget for Halloween decor, so I whipped this guy up using things I already had on hand.  And I never gave him a spotlight here on the blog!

Super easy Mummy Candy bin -  fun way to greet trick-or-treaters!

This was so simple it hardly rates a tutorial, but here's a quick recap anyway....

I gathered up the following supplies: big plastic tub (I used an empty pretzel tub from Costco), white cloth or old t-shirt, scissors, googly eyes, hot glue gun

Of course I didn't take pics while I was doing this because I'm pretty sure I was busting this out an hour before trick-or-treaters were knocking on our door.  #sorry #procrastinator #badblogger

I first took an old white table cloth that I use often for scrap fabric.  I cut a few 2 inch wide strips and then started wrapping them around the tub one at a time from the bottom of the tub to the top. I secured each end with a drop of hot glue as I went and made sure to overlap so there were no gaps.  

The final touch was a set of cute googly eyes that I secured with a tiny drop of hot glue. We filled him up with candy and were all set!

Super easy Mummy Candy bin -  fun way to greet trick-or-treaters!

He was super easy (not to mention FREE!) and sure did make for a cute door greeter.  You could easily do this with any size tub or bucket or even around a planter or vase for some not-so-spooky fun.  If you don't want the hot glue to damage your base, just use tape to secure that first strip and then make sure your hot glue always goes on a piece of fabric for the follow on strips.  

Super easy Mummy Candy bin -  fun way to greet trick-or-treaters!

Our kids finally landed on their costumes, so they are in full Halloween mode over here!  How about your neck of the woods?  

One Room Challenge Week 2: Mudroom Design Plan

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It's already the 2nd week of the One Room Challenge (catch the intro post here!) and I can tell these 6 weeks are going to fly by!  We had the perfect storm last week......James out of town, all four kids down with strep throat, major leak in the main level get the idea.  Fun times.  

So, visible progress on our mudroom was minimal.....but just because I couldn't bust out the paint didn't mean I couldn't attempt to nail down the bazillion ideas I had swirling in my brain for our den turned mudroom.  Here's what we're thinking for this "make my life easier" room:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

1 - We bought our Samsung washer and dryer a few years ago and have been really happy with them.  I don't see the same blue model we have, but it's similar to this

2 - If you've been reading us for any period of time, you are well familiar with my love of hooks.  Because they magically make piles disappear from my floors.  At least for a few minutes anyway.  I'm eyeing something like these for our lockers, and like the idea of a different colored accent on each hook for each locker. But I've also pined after these forever and ever. I think this is one detail that I'll pull the trigger on once everything is painted. Sometimes you need to see a little more progress before the finishes fall into place.

3 - I've got my eye out for a colorful rug to pull this whole thing together. Maybe this one via Etsy but I'm crying that the shipping is so high. I'm going to stalk ebay and pray for something at a lower price point.  How lame is the back of my mind I keep thinking "I want something that will also work at Christmas".  #priorities 

4 - I really wanted to incorporate some fun wallpaper into this space, but with so many other rooms that still need attention, we just don't have the budget for it. I'm thinking a more cost effective route like a wall stencil? But maybe in pink or green.

5 - I'm thinking a simple desk will work as a folding station without taking up a ton of space.  I love the wood tone on this desk and the drawer could come in handy.  We just need to make sure there's enough space to slide a couple of hampers underneath.

6 - I love the industrial vibe of these laundry baskets and the wheels for easy maneuvering are great.  One of the biggest problems in this room is the random clothes that are thrown into the ever growing mound on the floor.  Hopefully having a basket for lights and darks will keep the clothes off the floor and make it easy to toss in a load without having to sort when the baskets are full.

7 - We've already installed half of the flooring in the room. It's this 12x24 inch self-stick vinyl tiles by TrafficMASTER (color: Industrial Stone) and so far it's a dream!  So easy to install, really durable, and does a good job of looking like the real thing at a fraction of the cost. 

We still need to find baskets for the locker cubbies and some fabric to dress up the window, but at least we have some direction!  I dying to bring some fun color into the room, but I have to keep in mind that our kids' gear has a lot of color inherently.  So, I'm treading carefully. 

We have a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to some real progress this week!   

Be sure to check out how all the other ORC guest players are faring over at Calling It Home!  And you can catch the featured designers updates from yesterday right here.